701a training log + slow carb diet


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Having completed the first 3 weeks of 701a I thought I would copy my notes in case it is helpful.
Started program at 5’9 172 lbs. also switched from Keto to slow carb diet at beginning of program due to 3 week Keto stall.

Within last 2 years programs completed include:
Simple goal achieved
10,000 swing challenge
Dry fighting weight with 28 and 32kg bells
Total tension complex with 32 kg bells
Kettle burn extreme reloaded

Military press double bell testing 28kgs 15 reps
32kgs 8 reps

Week 1 thoughts - found this week to be easy, instead of using 28kgs for light days and 32kgs for heavy day I used 32kg all three workouts. Not much to report here, I was questioning if this program would push me but looked ahead at week 2 and saw this was simply a “warmup week”

Also ran 3 days of hector’s Double clean program this week (recommended). Gained 3 pounds on scale this week which I think is due bloating from diet change.

Week 2
Day 1 - this got my attention, used 28kgs, got through every set but was difficult, slightly extended rest period on last set.

Day 3- 32kgs - light day, perfect to sandwich between the other 2 workouts this week, I’m scared for day 5

Day 5- 28kgs -uhhhh holy crap. Talk about a major ramp up in difficulty. Was able to complete 4 sets without setting bells down, 3 sets had to rest mid complex for 30 seconds before completing. Rest periods were extended from 2 minutes to 4. I really fought the urge to drop down to 24kgs and glad I stuck it out with the 28s. This was brutal, I can’t imagine any day would be more intense in 701a than this one was. The first four sets of this day were by themselves harder than any day in its entirety preceding it, and there was three more sets to complete...

Back down to 172 lbs, did no additional workouts this week.

Week 3
Day 1 28kgs - really enjoyed this one, made it through all sets as written

Day 3 32kgs - this was harder than normal for a light day- was a little wobbly on presses, I believe my gains from dry fighting weight and total tension are wearing off on the heavy bells, probably adapting to lighter bells for longer periods of time.

Day 5- 28kgs this was difficult but doable, completed all sets as written with only a slight extension of rest period on last two sets, feel great after completing.

Still 172 lbs and feel bloated, thinking I am overeating legumes on slow carb diet and may need to implement fasting until lunchtime instead of the 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up this diet recommends.

Also ran kettlebell berserk beta this week, great potential here.


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Did week 1 day 3 of kettlebell berserk beta today, 4 rep day of this program is very tough, made it about halfway through before having to stop. Berserk packs great muscle fatigue and cardio in a short time frame for me. Tomorrow week 4 of 701a begins.


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Week 4 in the books, this was a deload week to prepare for double snatches to finish the program. Not as much to report here since the workouts were shorter and less intense.

It was a welcomed deload week however, the body needed a break before snatching. This program is excellent at predicting when breaks are needed, both from a week to week standpoint, and from a set to set standpoint.

From a diet and weight loss standpoint things are slow going. After running some dna tests results seem to indicate keto/ slow carb type diets may not be ideal for me. Doing more research on this.


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Week 5 day 1 - 20 kg bells.

First time ever doing double snatches, especially during a complex, but really liked the workout.

Its a nice break from the double 28 and 32 kg bells, but its still a workout. Double snatch hits my cardio very quickly as opposed to muscle fatigue. Its almost like doing a 100 meter sprint type fatigue vs just beating exhausted.

Diet wise multiple dna diet suggestions recommend my body type responds best to Mediterranean diet, i am slowly working in more fish. Previously i would do red meat most dinners and fish a few times a month, trying to reverse that. So far so good already feel less bloating a few days in.


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701a week 5

Day 3 - light day, still easing into double snatches.

Day 5 - heavy day, really enjoyed this workout, wasn’t impossibly hard but it did get my attention. I have a feeling next week when jumping to heavier bells for the snatches some good results will follow


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Week 6 - day 1 - 28 kg bells. No double snatching today so i used heavier bells. Good 15 minute workout. Looking forward to heavy snatch day next


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Week 6 - day 3 -24 kgs- short workout but felt good to use the heavier bells on double snatch

Week 6 - day 5 - deceptively harder than it looked. I did the first 3 sets with the 24 kgs and it was tough, i dropped down to 20 kgs for the last 3 which was the recommended bell size anyways. Really hit my cardio hard.

Week 6 thoughts- finally had noticeable gains in weight loss, both on the scale and visually. Not sure if its from switching to Mediterranean diet, the double snatching for 2 weeks, or a culmination of the program, but its all very encouraging.


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Week 7 - day 1 - 24kgs. Used the heavier bells because it is a very short day, and there are only 2 workouts this week. Its basically a preparatory workout for day 5 which looks like a beast.

Week 7 day 5 - 24 kgs. This is a great workout. Lots of heavy double snatches. I was able to complete ever set in the prescribed time span, but it was tough, i was gassed at the end. My hamstrings are firing at the end of this as if i just did a couple hundred heavy swings.


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Week 8 day 1 - 20kgs - was able to hit all reps at rest periods, really hit the hamstrings on this one.

Day 3 - 24kgs - light day preparing for the grand finale. Looking forward to day 5 to see my progress, the previous very tough workout, week 4 day 5, I barely survived.

Day 5 - 20kgs - Was able to finish all sets in the allotted time span. I was hurting pretty bad before the last set began, but at that point I wasn’t going to extend the rest periods. This one really hit my grip and forearms, my cardio was tough but doable. Its crazy how tough the 20kg presses were in this day considering i can press double 32s, its just the way the preceding complex exercises fatigue you. Really felt like an accomplishment in conditioning compared to when the program began by completing this day as written.


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701a is a fat loss protocol, and while i did not lose scale weight, i did lose a notch size on the belt while increasing the muscles in my shoulders and thighs/glutes.

Cardio is much improved as is my confidence in double snatching.

I had some diet issues during this as i switched from keto to Mediterranean diet and struggle to decide on whats best for me, i was down as low as 166lb a couple weeks ago which was a 6 lb scale weight loss before bloating up again trying to introduce some rice back in. I feel like this program woukd deliver an easy 10lb scale loss while adding muscle if diet is in check.

This program is excellent at giving you rest when you need it most, be that in the middle of a tough workout day where there is an easy set mixed in, or an entire day is relatively easy. The constant changing of exercises in each complex as well as reps per set keep it from being boring.

Whats next: time to take it easy for a bit, as this coincides with my busy work season, but also because i need to recharge the CNS, i can tell after the final stress week i need to let my body rest a bit. I will probably stick to the lower weight double bell programs such as kettlebell muscle or the wolf as i like being able to push myself without feeling like potentially injury with heavier bells. I am in a somewhat odd situation where i can handle double 32/36 kg bells with my muscles, but they are tough on my small joints in the hands and wrists due to arthritis issues, complexes seem to be a good compromise.

I look forward to tackling 701b in a few months time over the summer.

Thanks for a good program Hector.
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