90/90 stretch replacement

Discussion in 'Flexibility, Mobility, and Movement' started by somanaut, Apr 23, 2018.

  1. somanaut

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    Does the 90/90 stretch target the same tissues as:
    Fire Log Pose
    I used to do fire log pose, but I have recently switched to the 90/90 stretch as suggested by Pavel in S&S. I really feel the tissues of the hip in fire log pose, not so much in the 90/90 stretch. I know that the dictum of S&S is "can I replace x with y? NO!", but does that also go for the stretches (which not all seem to do anyway)?
  2. Anna C

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    I think it's similar, yes. If you added pigeon pose, you'd get the best of both. Pigon probably gives a deeper stretch to the glutes.

    The only think you'd be missing is the internal rotation of the back leg. That seems a minor component but might be important. Shin Box can be another way to get the benefits there, and can be incorporated into 90/90.
  3. somanaut

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    Thanks for the feedback. What is the point internal rotation of the back leg? I never understood that. And also is there a difference between just doing 1 set of each stretch for say 5 min each side (which adds up to 20+ min), than doing more sets of shorter duration?
  4. Steve Freides

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    @somanaut, to take a look at the bigger picture, I think the function of the warmups, stretches, cooldowns, etc., are to make you ready to do the program. Over time, if you find something works better for you, something isn't necessary, etc., I think you shouldn't feel like you have to do all those things "by the book." I'd argue pretty strongly that the goblet squat is a good thing for everyone to be able to do, but I think most of the rest can be adjusted to make the best use of your time for you as an individual.


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  5. somanaut

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    Thanks Steve, thats kind of you. I agree, if a move/skill is on the Big 6 list, it's probably becomes it's more essential than others. I was just wondering if I had missed something about the 90/90 stretch, I often don't read what a text actually says, I haven't been diagnosed as dyslexic, but I suspect, that I might be a bit, or something adjacent to that.
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  6. njrick1

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    I usually find the pigeon to be more intense but it can sometimes bother the knee

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