A good plan for achieving a front lever? Also a good pistol workout?

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Hello everyone,

How do you put together a workout routine with the goal of attaining a front lever? The movements I know will help are FL progressions, weighted pullups, and hanging leg raises but, how do you put these together into a routine? Would doing all of the movements three times a week work? Or would doing GTG with all of them be better?

I was thinking if it's three times a week option this workout might work,

1) FL progression 5X8-12 seconds
2)Weighted Pullups 5X3-5
3) HLR 5X5.

Also while I'm typing might as well ask another question that's on my mind. What's a good pistol workout to get my weighted pistol up to 100 pounds? I can do 53 pounds right now.

Thank You.

Northern Kettlebells

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I worked up to a straddle lever training 3 or 4 times a week. I didn't use any assistance just some easier FL progressions on lighter days.

I think GTG would work well because I found I tired quickly after the first couple of sets, so the extra rest will go in your favour.

Max Shank's Ultimate Athleticism has some great progressions, so it might be worth a read


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5x8 seems like too much to me.

I'd drop my reps way down to 2 or 3 and do a more difficult progression. As you are getting close to pulling off a full front lever in good form single reps are a good approach. When you can do one, starting adding time to the hold.

Levers are all about tension. I'd rather do 1 or 2 that are not textbook (straddle or with the legs elevated) and drill the high tension needed than push out 8 reps of a lower progression.

Karen Smith

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There are several ways to go about your programming. I would pick the progression for each day and design them by waving the load. What I mean is the hardest progression on heavy day, lower volume, longer rest. Then the easiest (least fatiguing progression) on your light day for higher volume, less rest. BW training is very Neurologically fatiguing.

Stay fresh with long rest.

You can include your Pistol training in as well but wave the load there also. Some days heavy for low rep, some days owning the bottoms with isometric holds then stand, and other days working heavy SLDL.

Best of luck - if you need more specific training ideas/distance coaching, let me know.
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