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Ladies and gents, we just finished the bodyweight cert in Hungary.  Unbelievably, most students (Eastern Europeans and Israelis) passed the OAP/one-legged OAP test.  All ladies were smoking tactical pullups and pistols.  To paraphrase the famous line, "Looks like Jane, plays like Tarzan."

An SFG named Pavel and his lovely wife Justina, also an SFG, brought two of their students to whom they had passed StrongFirst skills with no deterioration of quality.  That made me proud.



Steve Freides

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Excellent!  It's tough to impress the Chief - that must have been some cert!



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Nice job Pavel I look forward to attending some SF courses.

It is startling how fast strongfirst is growing.  A few months ago it didn't exist.  Just this week alone it looks like there are three domestic courses offered along with an international course.

Pavel Macek

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StrongFirst Bodyweight Course rocked. Obligation to work hard, work smart, learn more. Thank you very much Sir!



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That is fantastic!  Can't wait until we can bring the StrongFirst bodyweight cert here to Israel!


Aleks Salkin, SFG, SFBW


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Thank you for your kind words, ladies and gentlemen!

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