A great read on carbs, diets and health


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Heart of the Problem

Really, really, read this......

'If you want that one golden health tip, a transformative piece of advice that will guarantee to make you happier and healthier, then the assorted gurus of dietary health have no answers for you. The true answer is something that we already know. For a long life, don’t be poor. And if you really want to improve the health of the world, then it is inequality, not carbohydrates, that we all need to address'

....it's a long piece featuring a lot of recent relevant threads.

Ryan T

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Good post.
I've stopped reading nutrition blogs (but read that one????), because of all conflicting results. Pretty sure the stress of following diets out weighs the benefit. My only nutrition rule now is to try to eat as little processed food as possible.
Great rule.
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