Ab wheel and shoulders


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Finally, I decided to post a question here, which bothers me very much - maybe somebody with a good understanding in anatomy and exercise can answer.

I like doing ab wheel roll-outs (only from the knees or standing isometric, though). Reading about shoulder position in various exercises and related safety, I feel that the ab wheel actually might not be good for shoulders - a close grip, palms forward. Also, arms cannot freely rotate in the shoulder joint and that possibly can lead to wearing out and pain (which I have a bit).

Do you think, is it really an issue?


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Ring rollouts are a great alternative.
But if your shoulders are healthy and you apply the correct tecnique there is no reason not to do the roll out with the wheel. Make sure you keep your lats engaged and your shoulders packes. Try to break the wheel in two and point your elbow (the bony, pointy part) always towards your body. This will keep your shoulders happy.


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Ab-wheel is a great tool. But if you want more control or worried about form or just don't want to have to grab a piece of equipment I found just walk out into the position with your hands.


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Actually was looking for tips on my ring roll out and came across this very useful video last night
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