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Guys, I am indebted to you for your help.
Steve ... The first sentence you wrote is more acceptable the the second one. The sentence 'tell you about the delay' is rather informal then 'inform you of the delay', which I will have to use in reports.


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How about this:

Write an e-mail. Write between 150-200 words.
You order some uniforms from your unit. Unfortunately, only half of them have been delivered. In addition to that, there is a problem with the uniforms you received. Write a letter of complaint to the manager of the company. Explain why you need all the uniforms as soon as possible. Say what you expect the manager to do.

Dear Sir,
I am writing to complain about the order I was made in your shop on 1st November, 2016.
Firstly, I ordered one thousand of a uniforms for my unit. Your sales representative, who has accepted my order, assured me that I will have to wait about three weeks for my order. Three weeks later the uniforms were still not arrived.
Therefore, I called to your shop and after a short talk with your shop assistant I were apologized due to the situation. Unfortunately I had to wait for my order another four weeks.
Secondly, when the uniforms finally arrived there were only a half of I ordered. Moreover, the uniforms I received were in wrong color, although I described it specifically.
Finally, I was tried contacted with your sales representative again but he was available.
I and my Commander are very disappointed due to the situation. We need those uniforms because our unit is going to a field exercises in next week. We expect a 30 percent discount due to the delay. I also suggest that you should talk with your sales representative regarding to his bad behavior.
I suggest you give this matter serious consideration and I look to your urgent reply.
Yours faithfully,


Steve Freides

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I am writing to complain about the order I was made in your shop on 1st November, 2016.
I am writing to complain about the order I placed when I was in your shop on November 1, 2016.

The above is better, but you aren't complaining about the order, you're complaining about the fact that it hasn't been completely fulfilled, so that's what you need to say.

I am writing to inquire about the remainder of my partially-filled order - when might I receive the rest of it?

Therefore, I called to your shop and after a short talk with your shop assistant I were apologized due to the situation
I therefore called your shop and, after a short talk with your assistant, received an apology.



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As you know I had the military English exam last Thursday and Friday. Let me tell you how it went.
To begin with, on the first day of the exam I had to read, listen and wirte in English. The reading part started at 9.10 am and ended 70 minutes later. Then we had a short break, which lasted 20 min. The second conducted 35 min and then was another break. Last part contained writing and I was afraided it the most. I had had to write a report about an incident which happened in my unit AOR. The second task was to write an email to a friend about a problem I had in my way back home from an abroad mission in Afghanistan.
On Friday I had to speak in English. I was first on the list, so I entered at 9.00 am. This part of the exam took me only 5 min. I drew a task and I had to talk with the examiner about my hobby, so I started to talk about a kettlebell training :)

Unfortunately, I will have to wait one month for the outcome of the exam :( But where one door shuts, another opens, so I decided to wait actively for the exam results and I have already started to prepare for reading and listening on level 3 :)

Thank you all for your help and support. :)


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Let us know how it went, and excellent plan on not just waiting idly!

"where one door shuts, another opens" excellent!

Mark Kidd

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I have just received the results and I want to tell you that I achieved my goals :D I passed the exam with success:D Thanks to all of you one more time for helping me in this challenge.
Now it is time for level 3 :)
Can't resist! I passed the exam. Adding with success is redundant.
Thanks to all of you one more time, for helping me with this challenge.


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Thank you all for your good words. I am really appreciate for your help. Alongside you my goals are very likely achievable :)

So, below I am presenting you sample of briefing I have already wrote.

The maintenance division you work for got less money for the equipment than needed, so a careful decision on how to spend it is necessary. Give a briefing on two possible ways of spending money describing their advantages and disadvantages. Recommend one and justify your choice.
  • buy some modern equipment
  • upgrade the old equipment
  • other

Good morning Sir, ladies and gentlemen.

My name is ..., I am the platoon leader and technician of the local centre of supervision. I was tasked to prepare a briefing on our recent problem. As you know, we have an insufficient money income.

The purpose of this meeting is to investigate that issue and decide on the possible courses of action.

The first idea is, of course, to buy a new and more advanced equipment. However there are some drawbacks of this option.

First, it is obvious that we cannot buy an appropriate amount of modern equipment due to insufficient money income. Second, even if we had more money we would not be able to train our soldier to manned the equipment properly.

The second option we could go for is to upgrade the old equipment. Since we have no enough money for buying new one, we can still work on our present armory.

Depending on what in particular we want to focus, we may spend money on upgrades and still have soldier able to operate the equipment.

As this option not involves any additionally training and we will not need to spend more money, I recommended that one be chosen. This way will allow us to train on the same equipment as we have used for the last 10 year.

No matter which option we choose today, it is imperative to consider the problem wisely because consequences will be influential for our unit.

These are the only solutions we have figured out so far. Now, I am waiting for your comments or other proposals.
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