Adam M -- Training Log

Adam Mundorf

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Age - 23

- 5'11 / 167

-- Rite of Passage

-- I miss pressing and I want to build a solid foundation again. I'm starting very conservatively with the 16kg instead of my 24kg. The focus is on safety, technique and complete control of every movement with smooth execution. I honestly never felt stronger than when I trained with kettlebells on a daily basis.

My Plan
-- Do the pressing and swings/snatches as listed in the book. On the variety days throw in some loaded carries, goblet squats and turkish get ups depending on how I feel. But if I'm to tired, I'll never feel obligated to do variety days. I go on daily walks and do frequent mobility work. My mobility work consists of videos from Steve Maxwell and the Trifecta from Convict Conditioning 2.
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