Adjustable Dumbbells - Recommendations

BJJ Shawn

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If you're not looking for the quick adjust style, I would check out Titan. They have multiple options and have some in stock, while the others come back in stock routinely. They even have one with 13" loadable area on each side and 3' long so you could add all kinds of weight on that thing. They also have more standard types available, but I like their olympic loadable handles so you don't have to worry about getting additional 1" plates and collars (if you have enough 2.5, 5, and 10 lb plates to get the results you want).


Steve Freides

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I have Oly dumbbells, a pair, and I think they're fine. Don't recall the brand. I've been liking the Rogue OSO collars for situations in which some of my other collars don't work too well. They'll be what I try on the Oly dumbbells.


Brian B

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My son has moved out and is looking for dumbbells to use in his new apartment. I know nothing about adjustable dumbbells but since he's used to having a wide selection here, I thought I might look into the adjustable kind.

I'd appreciate recommendations for adjustable dumbbells. He's pretty strong and, in our basement gym, generally used between the 30 lb'ers and the 70's - we have them in 5 lb. increments but I've rarely used dumbbells.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

Just a thought. Since equipment is still scarce and expensive right now, why not let him borrow the dumbells that he uses and you seldom do for the time being? He is likely to find that his training routine changes when he no longer lives at home and has a plethora of new options for how to spend his time. : ) If he finds that he does stick with the barbell format and weight then he can look for an adjustable that is heavy enough in six months or a year when some might start moving on the used market again. I've had much better luck on FB Marketplace than Craigslist. He might also abandon dumbells for kettlebells during that time.

Brian B

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@Brian B, he borrowed the 30 lb dumbbell pair and he seems happy with those for the moment.

He might find that the 50 lb max on most of the available adjustable sets is perfectly fine for him. Which would make his quest for one at a decent price much easier. Especially if he ban borrow Dad's 70's if he needs them. : )
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