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Bodyweight Advice / feedback please (upper body vid)


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Hi there

This is me 7.15 MB file on MEGA

Not very "fit" but at least far from a dad bod :D

28yo, 1.80m height, ~70kg (maybe 75kg on a "good day")

Never before did any upper body training. I'm considering starting to box.

Any feedback or advice (like, routine, sport, specific excercises, whatever) is greatly appreciated

Best to all!


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Sorry, just read FAQ!

- injury history: I've hurted a little my torax muscles on a heavy allergy-provoked nonstop sneezing episode. Fractured right hand wrist about 10 years ago, it joined badly, needed surgery, titanium prothesis. Fully recovered

- movement history: have you had a Functional Movement Screen? whats that? Do you move well or do you feel your muscles and joints are in less than good working order?
Well, since you ask, I often hear lot of "cracking" of my articulations, no pain at all, as far as I've been told is just air releasing from the joint.

- sports/competition history: I'm quite sedentary. Ocassionaly play basket. Some skating / downhill. Every now and then some climbing (where upper body strenght would be ultimately helpful).

Steve Freides

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@rick_fromsouth, welcome to the StrongFirst forum.

Our most popular program - popular because it works so well across a wide variety of populations - is Kettlebell Simple and Sinister. Pick up a copy of the book, read, and come back here with any questions you may have.

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