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Not to be hard on these guys, I know several of them actually have the background to give these books some credibility, but do an amazon search for military fitness.

Lots of books with similar titles pop up.  Spec Ops Workout, Navy Seal Fitness, Special Operations Fitness, etc.  Maybe not a ton, but a few.

My main gripe with the current books is the huge emphasis on muscular endurance or 5 mile runs and not much else.  Too many of the workouts look like this:

30 push ups

30 sit ups

30 lunges

30 mountain climbers

30 side straddle hops

Next workout will be other bodyweight exercises, or a run.

You will progress by adding reps.  Weighted exercises are not given much attention.

And sure I trained exactly like this for my first year or two in.  Then I did crossfit for a few months, which thankfully introduced me to KBs and barbells.  The bodyweight only chippers are fine for boot camp prep, but getting Strong really makes carrying a ruck, armor, guns and ammo, a lot easier.


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When I first got to my unit we followed the good ole boy approach.... Run, BW. Ruck, swim, long Run, BW etc. then we were tasked to follow R.A.W  co produced by Mark Twight from gym jones. Then we went a little rouge and linked up with some trainers at THOR3. Now that I have the rank we (my section) do our own routine. as long as our numbers stay high on tests and the men stay at the pinnacle of studs, no one seems to mind. I just believe what Dan John says about you should strive to do no harm and when you are the one prescribing the pain you want to know it's the best, and not just filler work.


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Al, create a YouTube channel for yourself, then upload your video to it.   Then you post a link to that video here.

Of course, any video hosting service will work but YouTube is the most popular and it works.

If you need help, feel free to email me  - steve _at_ kbnj _dot_ com - and I'll be glad to walk you through it.


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Two videos from Al - please see the comments on the video itself for what Al has to say about these. - crawling - swing



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Way late to the party, but did the manual come out?

This is a near and dear to my heart subject.

(Such a newbie, should I create a discussion about this since the original is in the old forum?)


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@Miguel I dunno if anybody got back to you, but if you email Al at he can send you a copy of his PT manual. I don't know if it's "finished" yet, but it's still damn good. The version I have ends after the training section and before the "nutrition and lifestyle" section.
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