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So with the TSC over what type of training do all of you that competed the TSC plan on going with. I am just curious, after a powerlifting meet I would do a major de-load, like a few weeks to a month.

Terry McCarthy

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Lighter workouts this week, back into the swing of things after that. I hope to find a DL meet in January (roughly half way between now and the Spring TSC) to keep things sharp.

Anna C

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Miscellaneous and easy variety this week, then starting on an aerobic base building program next week (using bicycling - road bike, rollers, and stationary bike) combined with A+A snatches. That will take me to the end of the year. Then SFG II training in Jan-Feb, then a DL program for a couple of months in 2017. I can't believe I can actually plan that far out! My training sure is different than it used to be...

Yes the Leader Boards are up! Looks like Terry did quite well in his division. How did yours go, @ShawnM?


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@Anna C- I didn't do the TSC this fall. My daughter got married Friday night so training took a back seat the last week. I'll be back to training tomorrow. Great job this weekend and thank you for your debrief. Best of luck with your training.


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This is weird, my name is on the Masters board but my numbers aren't. Maybe they're still gathering data...

Ryan Toshner

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The rest of October for me is restorative work + some easy opposing movement work... TSC is a lot of pulling, so I'll be doing some KB military pressing, bench pressing, and squatting (front or Zercher). Plus a few random things to help prepare for a rock climbing trip in early November.

November - January: Beast Tamer training using PlanStrong methodology. Plus some Easy Strength DLs.

February - March: TSC training. Or maybe continuation of Beast Tamer training, depending on how it's going. (BT is going to take me awhile, I think. I don't have a specific time frame that I'd like to do it, so I'll play it by ear as the spring TSC is getting closer.)
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