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Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Debbie Hayes, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. Debbie Hayes

    Debbie Hayes SFG Team Leader, SFB, SFL, Iron Maiden, Sinister Certified Instructor

    This is a clip of my first workout as a 44yr old. I could get a little emotional on this...I think about a young, overweight teenage girl who didn’t know what to do in the weight room and too intimidated to go. I think about a twenty-something who had finally got the courage to go into a gym and, as a result, worked out nearly 3 hours a day with not a whole lot of results to show for it. Then I think about my early thirties when my weight crossed over into the 200s and I had had enough...I educated myself on how to eat. I found kettlebells and Pavel’s teachings. I found strength and empowerment. I never really thought I’d want to become an Instructor, but I was so eager to learn more, to gain more strength and confidence in my own skin, that I attended the Naked Warrior certification in October 2012. I was, to use my southern slang, eat up with it. The certifications were so much more than I expected. It’s one thing to learn the movements, it’s an entirely different thing to learn your body and how to move and use it. So, approximately 15-20 workshops and certifications later, I’m doing things I never would’ve dreamed possible in “my own” strength. It’s the Strength of our community, of Pavel’s incredible research and teachings, and our impeccable certifications that have allowed me to be stronger than I ever thought possible... to be StrongFirst.
    So thank you, and thank everyone in HQ, for making forty-somethings like me capable of snatching the 28kg for reps.

  2. aciampa

    aciampa Strong, Powerful, Explosively Athletic Member of the Forum Certified Instructor

    Fantastic work, Debbie!
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  3. TravisS

    TravisS Helping Make Others Stronger

    Impressive work!
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  4. Debbie Hayes

    Debbie Hayes SFG Team Leader, SFB, SFL, Iron Maiden, Sinister Certified Instructor

    Thank you Al! I really want to try to make it to your breathing workshop. Your lecture at Strong Endurance in Colorado in July was inspiring!
  5. Chrisdavisjr

    Chrisdavisjr Strong Member of the Forum

    Awesome: I've not been brave enough to even try snatching anything heavier than 24kg and you make it look so easy!
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  6. Michael Perry

    Michael Perry SFG, SFB Certified Instructor

    Hi Debbie, I was fortunate to be in the SFB cert where you achieved your Iron Maiden. Great to see you rockin this 28! Still inspiring!
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