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    That the sinister S&S is that easy for you boggles my mind...

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    Unless running is painful or stressful, it seems like an awesome way to improve anyone's fitness.
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    Rucking: What It Is and How to Do It

    By Al Ciampa
    SFG I

    The U.S. Army’s standard is 12 miles in 3 hours with 35lbs, rifle, Kevlar-helmet, and boots/BDUs (a former duty uniform moniker).

    Ruck Training for Basic Conditioning
    If you decide to add rucking to your training, please, start out light and short, depending upon your experience. However strong or conditioned you currently are, if you’ve never endured under a load, you will run the risk of joint pain or injury. Start out with a distance between 2-4 miles, carrying 15-25lbs of weight. Walk once per week, and increase only one of these variables each week: either 5-10lbs or 1-2 miles.

    Use nasal breathing to guide your pace – you literally should be able to keep a conversation going. For basic fitness conditioning, working up to 60 minute ruck once per week, with a load that gets your heart rate to an average of 125-135bpm (age dependent) is sufficient. You can use a heart rate monitor or the “180 minus your age” formula to calculate your target, but there’s no need to get particular about it.

    First, maximize your speed and give your body time to adapt to walking briskly with a loaded pack. When, and only when, you have achieved your max walking speed, then add weight to your initial 15-25lb load until you acquire the appropriate heart rate. It’s really this simple – your basic LSD work applied to ruckmarching.

    Basic program:

    • Practice posture/walking.
    • Increase speed to max.
    • Slowly increase load or distance until desired length and weight is met.

    Rucking: What It Is and How to Do It
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    It is...
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    @The Nail
    sorry I missed this.

    I do not run much. I used to love it, but I've got a hip issue that just does not do well when I am running. Someday I may return to it...

    I train with the seasons: winter is usually a lot of hypertrophy and strength training: kettlebell presses, getups and weighted pull ups, some deadlifting and squatting. Spring is typically an extension of winter, but I start including more swings and snatches and reduce the volume and intensity of strength work to make room for the yard work and gardening that I do (which is a lot). This spring will be a lot of bodyweight strength training, as I am considering the SFB.

    Summer and fall is filled with a lot more rucking, A + A work and playing outside, plus bodyweight training.
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  7. Harald Motz

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    A+A is a volume workhorse. Just some ups and downs, letters from my heart from today.
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    About once a week I've been able make it to the gym and work on some volume of moderately heavy/heavy barbell work. It's the only thing I do that tends to leave me a little beat up for the next couple days. Normally I don't want to do anything after I'm done, but this last time I finished off some back squats (worked up to a heavy single, then did five back off sets) with 30 minutes of easy rowing. The next day I felt fine. I even went on an hour long ruck. This is some good stuff.
  9. Harald Motz

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    it almost deems to me, that it is very good stuff. easy and flowing is the key.
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    Double cleans with a pair of 40's for 100 reps total. Not bad!
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    Like the consistent peaks and troughs with those cleans, with those double effing 40 cleans, for 100 rep cleans.....and then that smooth 10k row for 45 minutes after.....the algorithm of the Motz machine at work, vorsprung durch technik indeed!
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    when I read that I had a smile on my face, and then my mechanical brain had to turn its wheels...damn, you know this is, is it, is it..., Audi? confirming my suspicion by the damn net, it is.

    on Technik I am learning from here, the doing is up to me.
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    On German phrases, is Funktionslust a phrase in common use in Germany?
    I'm reading a very good book called 'Restless Creatures'...the story of life in 10 movements. The author, Matt Wilkinson, states that it roughly translates as 'the pleasure one takes in doing something well'.
    He goes on to elaborate from an evolutionary perspective......"It's the ultimate tool by which genes get conscious species to use their locomotory machinery as effectively as possible."

    Looks like you're tapping into your funktionslust.....
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  14. Harald Motz

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    Funktionslust sounds cool! But there is a negative connotation, too. Ich habe keine Lust, immer zu funktionieren. "I do not want to function all the time" - sounds like some one before a burn out.
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    spent some time on the rower today, and without Funktionslust this would not happen. Making the same repetitive movement for an hour without getting anywhere is not exciting at all.

    I put my headphones to put some monotone repetitive binaural beats on my ears and ease into it. It takes a short amount of time to get into the breathing rhythm and to synchronize everything. Then it is a bit of adjustment here and there: watching my back staying flat sometimes from the side from the reflection of my notebook, pulling the handle just a bit under the belt of the hr strap against the bottom of my chest that I can feel it just very slightly in my rhomboids. There is time of engagement, and lots of time just spinning the wheels when everything is adjusted and some monitor spotting.

    Enjoyment of the functioning of bodymechanics and accuracy of devices, the hr monitor and the concept2 and the knowing, that the base work is some really great stuff I am giving myself time to experience some understanding about it. It is work, but not hard work.
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    The largest muscle trained by those workouts is the one of willpower;)
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    Funktionslust is a term used in psychology. Couldn't find anything similar in english, so indeed it has to be a german-only thing like Schadenfreude.
    There are several definitions for Funktionslust. One of them is basically doing something for the sake of doing it and enjoying that - e.g. doing swings just because you like them and not because you intend to improve a certain quality (e.g. strength) by doing them.
  19. Tobias Wissmueller

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    Have never heard it before. But it would make an awesome title for a music album. Reminds me of those electronica kind of styles from the 90s.

    Have googled it, and there actually exist a phrase in the field of psychology as @Kettlebelephant also mentioned!

    Funktionslust - Lexikon der Psychologie

    "Positive Gefühle beim Ausführen gut eingeübter Bewegungen."

    Roughly translated: Positive emotions when performing well trained movements.

    Now, that does ring a bell I would say :) Quite similar of what @ali was writing.
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    meanwhile at work: Funktionsfrust... "negative Gefühle beim Ausführen gut eingeübter Arbeitstage"
    Quelle: Lexikon der Küchenpsychologie
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