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Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by Harald Motz, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. Groove Greaser

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    You can absolutely assume that! I am hardcore about never going over my MAF heart rate. Lately my max hear rate hasn't even been close to my MAF max.

    I've heard really good things about working with clubs for shoulder mobility. My right shoulder still kinks up from time to time (not from S&S) and I've been wondering if clubs work would help.

    Thanks for the response btw.
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  2. mark reinke

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    Definitely start with 1-2 lb clubs
  3. Groove Greaser

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    Oh, I'm really glad you said that. I was going to get the 5 lbs from onnit as they're cheaper than the 2 lbs! I'll have a good hunt around on amazon or something now. Thanks again.
  4. wespom9

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    I have limited experience with clubs but I will concur - I used 1lb clubs and they were perfect. My shoulder extension had never been better. I really need to get some myself...
  5. Al Ciampa

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    MAF HR does not necessarily equate to nasal breathing, especially with KB ballistics.
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  6. Tobias Wissmueller

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    I can relate to that.

    My HR can be at 160 while I still breathe through the nose when I do swings.

    When I am cycling it is different. Nose breathing gets hard at around 130bpm. My MAF is 141.
  7. vegpedlr

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    Nasal breathing is trainable. When I started, it was a good indicator of MAF. Not anymore, I can get my HR pretty high and still,breathe through my nose. In fact, if you hear me mouth breathing, stand clear, because I'm probably about to hurl!
  8. Harald Motz

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    My wooden clubs are about a pound. It is not about the weight, but the fluid movement.

    My moves are circular patterns. Sometimes single club, sometimes both.

    I find club swinging a great pairing for recovering actively, staying loose, calming down. yin-yang : clubs-snatch.
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  9. Groove Greaser

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    Thanks everyone (@Harald Motz, @mark reinke, @wespom9, @aciampa) - I really appreciate the responses. I would have wound up with something too heavy if left to my own devices. I'm definitely going to check out Dr. Ed Thomas' stuff and the materials from FMS.

    </end thread hijack>
  10. dc

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    Try it’s John Woods site. He’s got really nice wooden clubs -1bl,2bl&3lbs. Bit pricey but high quality. I’ve got the full set. Do 5mins a day rotate between each club. 1bl Monday 2bl Tuesday 3bl Wednesday for example.
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  11. Rambro1*

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    So true Mr. Ciampa! You showed me the path, and I am still following it and seeing the tangible results everyday. Just set my best ever yearly Team PFT scores at 38! Your work, generosity, and service to this country are much appreciated. I humbly thank you sir. Keep up the great work!
    Strength and Honor.
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  12. Harald Motz

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    Time to compare...

    Oct - 09 - 2017
    snatch 40kg - 5rx20 - 24:46min - 126avg/141max

    18 weeks later:

    Feb - 24 - 2018
    snatch 40kg - 5rx20 - 21:43min - 127avg/142max

    today I was able to get the same amount of work done three minutes less with more or less the same heart rate.
  13. Al Ciampa

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    Just... awesome work, Harald!!
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  14. Oscar

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    @Harald Motz, I´m amazed at how fast you progress. The same thing happened a while back, when you posted your improvement on long slow running. I though these progress rates were to be expected on novices, but not on you.
  15. Harald Motz

    Harald Motz Quadruple-Digit Post Count Certified Instructor

    I don't know if I progress fast at all. The comparison above are 18 weeks apart, a bit more than a quarter of a year.

    I added my snatch repeats for five with the 40kg in that 18week time frame. Assuming I did not loose count, which is a task in itself, I end up with 1260 repeats x 5 = 6300 snatches in 18 weeks, would make an average o 350 snatches with 40 kg per week.

    In this time frame I had quite a few S&S sessions with 48kg, and a bit of double clean and high pull work with 2x40, many 10km/45min rows and some running of mostly around an hour.

    The really interesting part for me is not the speed of progress, but more the way of progress. Doing the same stuff over and over again over the weeks and months without burning out or injury. I am only for around 27 months into the A+A philosophy.

    Considering all that I have to ask myself seriously: Motz, are you nuts? My answer is definitely yes, but just a little bit.
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  16. Harald Motz

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    Thank you very much Al, much appreciated.

    today's A+A work

    2-3-18 5rx20.PNG
    snatch 40kg - 5r x 20 - 125avg/138max

    I am happy with the look of the graph. Lately I focus on just breathing, I inhale deeply, hold the breath a bit then try to exhale calmly, steadily and completely a short pause before just having another big breath. Just a bit of shaking and swinging of the limbs. That was how I practiced many weeks when I started A+A snatching in 2016. Shifting focus on breathing is a task for the mind.
    I always find, that the hr graph can be influenced to a great degree with the breathing pattern, which says the literature anyway, but it isice to me see it for myself working.

    some later
    2-3-18 row 10km.PNG
    rowing through the blue for 10km.
  17. Anna C

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    Awesome video, @Harald Motz ! That really captures the A+A experience.
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  18. ali

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    My hr graphs this week resemble the post modern scribbles of a 2 year old getting to grips with a spirograph toy mid tantrum. Not pretty. This after giving blood on monday. Back to a nice steady flow soon hopefully. Goes to show impact on recovery with blood loss!!

    Harald's graphs are fine art. A Great exhibition.
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  19. The Nail

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    I watched that video in slow motion - you really move the body out of the way of the bell, especially on the way down. I need to incorporate a bit more of that.
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  20. Al Ciampa

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    We tend to hear/see something only when we're truly ready ;]

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