Am i eating healthy


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Actually, i tried a little while ago to lower my carbs just found what i ate on my fitness pal

Fish oil caps
3 eggs 2 egg whites
Coconut oil butter coffee
1 haas avacado

Lunch same as above
Chicken tortillas x 2
Dark choc 20g
Lactofree cheese 40g
Peanuts 50g

Dinner whatever she cooks

Late snack
Mattersons pork sausage 65g
100g green peas
10g butter

That was about 140 protien 150 carbs 160 fat
If I were to tweak this for myself, I would cut and replace the following:

1. Its easy to get extra calories in by drinking them. I would just drink black coffee and lose the oil and butter. That is probably an extra 100-300 calories. If this doesn't work for you, find something that you can drink that isn't too caloric.

2. Processed foods tend to derail most diets. Replace the pork sausage with something else. Maybe pork that you cooked (if you have the time, I find sticking things into a crockpot or instapot is easy).

At the end of the day, I think you've got it! Just stick with it, see if your changes are working. If they aren't change up 1 of the parameters, or get some extra activity in without eating more etc.

Gary Wilson

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Thanks, its good to know im not a million miles away from being on the right path

I have changed the above slightly but basicly thats how ive been eating the last few days.
I do feel better replacing the granola for the bulletproof coffee in the mornings, so ill keep that up but if i do feel i need to cut cals thats where i would cut them from.

Funny enough i have also cut out the pork sausage, i just have more coconut oil and more peas now.

Guess only time will tell if it helps me or not

Thank for all the help :)


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Too much meat, too little veggies.
And thisis not because I am a veggie!
I am missing walnuts (insted of peanuts), legumes.
I would rather eat the eggs (2 whole ones would be enough!) for breakfast with e.g. mushrooms or potatoes. That sugary breakfast is not good. Have sth solid, or at least leave out granola andhave steel cut oats amd nuts, maybe some raisins and a glass of veggie juice.
Just my first idea reading through your first posts :)

Brain Ignition

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IF is great since it fits most lifestyles way better than eating 3-5x/day.
Plus there is some promising research that going without food for a prolonged period of the day (~12-20h) might be beneficial in terms of overall health.
But don't make the mistake of believeing that it is some kind of silver bullet/magical pill and will fix everything. I encourage you to try it out for yourself (I myself am a practitioner) but don't feel bad if you do not like it or prefere 3 squares a day.
Keep in mind: if building muscle is your no 1 goal IF is probably not optimal. I do not say you can't but having 3-4meals a day each with sufficient protein spread out over the day is probably a better bet.

Also, what is healthy?
Avoiding gluten or lactose will do exactly zero to one's health unless the individual does not tolerate it.
Same goes for sugar, carbs, organic ...

Know your goal calories, then split it up into macros: ~0.8 - 1.5g of protein per lbs of bw; 20-40% of calories from fat; rest of calories from carbs; 30-60g of fibre prer day.
Have a wide variety of starch free veggies (and starchy veggies within your carb count) and some fruit.
Fill up the macros with foods you like. Mostly "adult foods" but don't worry if you are having white bread as a carb source as long as you hit your fibres/veggies. It is all about context and continuum, not black/white.
Hi Marc, just thought you might be interested to know that there is indeed some interesting research showing IF and time restricted eating in fact enhances protein synthesis.

This was a study in humans comparing muscle growth between 2 groups of same diet and same exercise regime. The IF group has greater muscle growth.

Likely due to increased insulin sensitivity- which would improve ability to shuttle nutrients into growing muscles - and elevation in growth hormone and testosterone which are other supported benefits of IF.

I would argue it simply requires more strategic eating if you want to gain muscle on this protocol, but the health benefits are well worth it.

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