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Anatoly Pisarenko, 1980's Weightlifter

Geoff Neupert

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Pisarenko is my favorite lifter of all time.

In 1995, Mark Cohen, my first coach, gave me a VHS tape of two championships, one in 1982 and one 1983, both in which Pisarenko lifted. I watched Pisarenko in slo-mo so many times to model my technique after, I lost count.

In my mind, he truly is the greatest super of all time due to his bodyweight to strength ratio and the 37 years it took to beat his C+J.

Thanks for posting this, @Steve Freides .


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In my opinion, one of the all-time iconic iron game photos. Two guys casually conversing as Pisarenko squats a ton. They’re obviously used to seeing him under a bent barbell….

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He always looked much older to me than he was, too.

I don't know if it's the mustache, or some other je ne se quois of hard living that makes him look older than the 20-something he is in most photos.

Of course, it might also have been the cigarettes between sets.
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Anna C

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A bit frightening, isn't it, that it would simply state false information as fact?

Seems to be the challenge of our time -- say whatever you want, believe whatever you want. I can only hope that the skill of discerning the credibility of "facts" is something that both people and AI will seek to get better at as we go forward.
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