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Discussion in 'News, How-To's, and FAQ's' started by Steve Freides, Jan 25, 2018.

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  1. Steve Freides

    Steve Freides Forum Administrator Senior Certified Instructor

    Ladies and Gentlemen:

    I'm sure most of you noticed we had a day-long server outage.

    Upon logging in, I noticed missing messages in a PM, and I am therefore alerting everyone that there may also be missing forum messages. I don't know, but it's something to keep an eye out for.

    You may post in this thread with your findings.

    Thanks very much.

  2. Antti

    Antti More than 2500 posts

    I lost a post on my training log. I posted it in the Wednesday evening.
  3. Antti

    Antti More than 2500 posts

    Also, I'm not sure if it's linked to the server outage, but I can't access the latest article, the one about knee sleeves.
  4. Shawn90

    Shawn90 More than 500 posts

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  5. Kettlebelephant

    Kettlebelephant Quadruple-Digit Post Count

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  6. Chrisdavisjr

    Chrisdavisjr Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    I lost my training log from Wednesday. I've reposted it though so no drama.
  7. Graham Barber

    Graham Barber First Timer

    My post 'SIMPLE as a base for SFG 1' and its replies have disappeared. Nothing urgent in there.
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