Announcing the StrongFirst Online Kettlebell Course

Steve Freides

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Ladies and Gentlemen, we are very pleased and excited to offer an online training course for the first time:

StrongFirst Online - Essential Kettlebell Exercises

I highly recommend reading our blog with this announcement, located here:

Get StrongFirst Online: Essential Kettlebell Exercises | StrongFirst

The course is viewable online, with downloadable worksheets.

About what the course is:

From Chief of Education, Brett Jones: The online course is complimentary not equivalent. Nothing replaces live coaching and individualized instruction. The course offers a tremendous reference for those that are thinking about attending or have attended the live StrongFirst Kettlebell course.

How to purchase the course:

From Director of Marketing, Martine Kerr: From the homepage, click on the REGISTER button first. Sign into the site. You will now be able to ADD COURSE TO CART. Complete the checkout to receive your ACCESS CODE by email. Redeem your access code on the training site. Start learning.

NB - ignore the "module not available for purchase" you'll see - it just means that we are not offering the course as individual modules, but we do want you to see what those individual modules are so you'll have an idea of what the course covers.

As always on our forum, if you have problems or questions, you are welcomed to post them in this thread, or PM me and, as always, if I'm unable to answer your questions, I'll point you to someone who can.




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Hello @Brett Jones I recently did the StrongFirst GB one day course. I was wondering would this online training still helpful? Also do we get a discount ;) ? Thank you

Brett Jones

StrongFirst Director of Education
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the online course would provide a good video reference and "reminders" so I guess it depends on how much reinforcing material you feel like you need to have access to to move your form forward.
There is not a discount on the online course for having taken the live course.

Please let me know if you have any questions
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