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I am coming up on 10 ladders of 2,3,5 reps with the 24kg, I completed 5/12345. My question is, should I get a 28 kg bell or do 2,3,5,10 x5 with the 24 kg to get to the 32?


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Justin, why don't you go test drive someone else's 28kg before making the call?


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I would Pavel but I do not know anyone else who works out with heavy kettle bells and I do not live near a SFG.

Steve Freides

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Justin, do you have anything heavier with which you can test your max? Knowing your max reps with a few different weights is helpful here.

If you don't have a 28 or a 32 but you do have some weight plates and duct tape, you can rig up something. I used standard (1" hole, not Olympic) plates to make myself a heavier kettlebell back in the day. Two 5-lb plates turns your 24 kg into a 28.5 kg bell.

(If you decide to do this and want instructions, reply here and I will try to post them - if you do it correctly, it's actually quite solid and useable. You can buy two 5-lb plates for $10 at a local fitness store if you don't have.)

One thing you could do, although it won't be as good as knowing how many reps you can currently get w/ 28 or 32 kg, is to test your max reps with 24 kg. It is, to quote an old book by Pavel, better than a slap in the face with a wet fish (or words to that effect).

Make sure you are properly rested then properly prepared for a max test, whichever one you do.



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Hi Justin!
Your volume speaks for at least 28 kg in the Rite of passage. I wouldn't shoot for more reps, but lift heavier.

I am 190 cm, have got long arms and a far from lean body weighing 90 kg and can do the turkish get-up 3x1 (set x rep) with 32kg and the clean and press for 3 ladders and 4 rungs with 24 kg. These humble results still help me squeeze up a single C&P with 32kg per arm. You are probably more capable than me :)

But if you're unsure, follow the advice of any of the gentlemen on this thread.

Best regards, Henke in Sweden.


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Steve can you post directions on your adding weight to a kb. I have a 24 kg bell and somewhere down the line will need a heavier bell for S&S for swings. It will be a good fix untilk I can get a 28 or 32 kg bell


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Just buy the 32 and add it to your ladders.
If you can complete 5x12345 with the 24 you're definitely able to press the 32 for 1-3 reps.
Do the first rungs (1,2) with the 32 and the higher rungs (3,4,5) with the 24.
Slowly replace the 24 with the 32 until you can do 3x123 with it and then just do the normal ROP routine of adding ladders until you can do 5x123 and then rungs until you hit the point where you can do 5x12345.
Then slowly replace the 32 with the 40 and so on...
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