Any older guys on easy strength?

Discussion in 'Barbell' started by 01tj, May 9, 2019.

  1. 01tj

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    The traditional deadlift has always felt more like a squat variation than an hinge to me but I know it's more of a hinge. I suck at overhead squats though so Im thinking of putting those in instead.
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  2. vegpedlr

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    OH squats make for an interesting variation. If you go this route, check back with updates.
  3. GeoffreyLevens

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    Seems to me it depends on how you set up. I've doing cleanse which really start with low hips, very squatty deadlift. But I also do Romanian DL's and start by regular DL from the floor (don't have racks). I do that last with hips much higher and it feels mostly like a hinge.

    I find OH head squats very challenging to my mobility limitations so I've been working them w/ just PVC pipe which has been doing really good things for my posture and I think, most other lifts.

    Speaking of "older guys" I'm 69
  4. Mark Limbaga

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    what age qualifies as "old" ? :)
  5. 01tj

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    I found this video which is pretty helpful

  6. 01tj

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    I switched it up this week and will do the following for the next few weeks.

    Warmup-dumbell swings (don't have kettle bells, goblet squats both until I feel warm

    Incline dumbbell bench
    Overhead squats
    Pull ups
    Waiter carries and/or farmers walks

    I did this Monday and eneded up feeling like I was 80 by the end of the day. Today I tried to really concentrate on form and take care of my back.

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