Anyone dealt with loss of strength due to pinched nerve (cervical radiculopathy)

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Tirofijo, Feb 19, 2018.

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    Thank you, @Anna C - attributions are always important.

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    Very glad I came across this thread. Reading about others going through very similar circumstances is reassuring so thought I'd share my story as well.

    Late 30s male, almost 3 weeks ago I woke up with severe left upper back, shoulder, arm pain one night. Out of nowhere. I noticed my left triceps was weak (4/5) and had numbness over my forearm. Tingling in pointer finger. The pain was incredible that day. I couldn't find a position of comfort and was generally miserable all day. Ironically, I happen to be a doctor... immediately I was concerned for cervical radiculopathy and disheartened that it was happening to me.

    That night the pain became unbearable. I couldn't lay down let alone sleep. I ended up going into the hospital I work at for pain relief. Because of the weakness they ended up doing an MRI which verified compression of the left C7 nerve root by a herniated C6-C7 disc.

    ACDF is very successful for alleviating the symptoms of a cervical herniated disc so part of me has been desperate to go that route simply to get the pain to go away. A neurosurgeon I work with talked me down from the ledge, told me to be patient, to give it time, the majority of the time these improve.

    The pain the first two weeks, man it sucked. Broken sleep every night. Hard to work. It messes with you psychologically because while it's going on, you have no idea how long it will last. Part of me was like, is this permanent? Again -- this thread has been really helpful to hear about folks getting through that initial horrible time period.

    So I'm at 3 weeks. Still with pain but using pain meds much less. Still significant weakness left tricep but am apprehensive to do any significant exercise until pain is completely gone.

    Agree with previous posters that frequent/chronic forward flexion of neck may be the biggest contributing factor (i.e. looking at phones, devices). Posture super important in prevention.

    I started doing traction at recommendation of neurosurgeon which at the minimum does help with pain, and also hopefully speeds progression of recovery. There's decent literature that this works specifically with radicular symptoms. I got a ~$20 door device off amazon.

    Hoping to continue to recover. Will keep y'all updated.
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    Hey QL1, thanks for sharing.
    I'm around 2.5 months post-injury. No more tingling for long time, almost no daily symptoms, much of the strength is back.
    I do neck exercises every day and am considering starting Traction.

    Sometimes when I sit the whole day at the computer, I start feeling slight discomfort and pain around neck/elbow, which goes away after a while, and the triceps are quickly sore on workouts.. creating radiating pain almost immediately, can't do proper workouts still. I don't know if it will ever COMPLETELY go away, but I'll keep doing my best.

    Let us know how you progress!
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    Thanks for the posts and insights on the thread folks.

    51 year old with left arm weakness and all of the symptoms, it was really concerning how much of a sudden drop in strength virtually overnight. Not pushing the weight some on here are but I went from 160 lbs on a bench press 45 lbs and have already noticed atrophy on the left triceps.

    I’ll be putting in for an MRI 1st thing tomorrow and will keep checking in on here.

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