Anyone got experience with ketogenic diets?

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A briefly overview about Aspartame keto friendly:

The keto diet or ketogenic has increased a great deal of traction in recent years as a keto weight loss apparatus. It includes eating not many carbs, moderate measures of protein, and high measures of fat.
By evacuating the body of carbs, he keto diet incites ketosis in the body and metabolic state in which your body start to consumes fat for fuel rather than carbs.
If you staying in ketosis it can be challenging for you,and a portion of the individuals go to utilize fake sugars like aspartame which help to keep their carb admission at a low level.
in any case, you may wonder to know whether the employments of aspartame influences ketosis or not.
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I've tried keto a number of times, and didn't get much from it. However, when I took it a step further and followed the Carnivore Diet, I had great results - in a year I lost 55# (on the scale), went from hanging XXL shirts to dry so they wouldn't shrink to putting XL shirts on the dryer, 8" off my waist, terrible shoulder pain and inflammation disappeared, stopped snoring, stopped using/needing name a few


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I tried keto once, only lasted two and a half weeks - It definitely leans you out big time compared to a carb heavy diet. But I never stuck it out long enough to get past “keto flu” and my energy sucked big time. Workouts were impossible to get through & I was fatigued constantly. Going keto definitely makes you hyperaware of how sugar-addicted humans really are - just craving a f****** apple was torturous. I generally dont think keto is necessary, but a low carb diet can do wonders. I mean carbs are our primary fuel source - there’s a reason the body wants to turn everything into sugar - which is why even just eating a bit too much protein can kick you our of keto - your body is looking for fast energy. I think 50g-100g is a good range of carbs to aim for when your macro focus is on fatloss. Otherwise when it comes to muscle building - you’ll wanna amp up those carbs. But guess shouldnt knock it till you try it, a lot of people are out there raving about keto. So just gotta do what works for you and whats sustainable for you.

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I mean carbs are our primary fuel source...
Not Exactly

It depends on the Energy System you are using...

Phosphagen Energy System

Adinosine Triphosphate (ATP) is the primary source of fuel for the Phosphagen Energy System.

Limit Strength, Power and Speed Movements that are between 10 - 15 seconds, less than 30 seconds, use ATP.

Neither glucose nor ketones are used.

Glycolytic Energy System

This system utilized glycogen.

Sports that involve moderate intense activity for 30 second to 2.5 minutes appear require glucose/carbohydrates.

However, research by Rachael Gregory with Cross Fit Athlete, indicated that a "Keto Adapted" athlete performed just as well.

Oxidative Energy System

The Endurance Athlete's diet dictates the amount of glucose vs ketones they use for energy.

Endurance Athlete on a High Carbohydrate Diet are more dependent on glucose/carbohydrates.

Endurance Athletes on a Ketogenic Diet utilize more ketones/body fat for fuel, while preserving muscle glycogen.

there’s a reason the body wants to turn everything into sugar...
The Path of Least Resistance

The reason the body turn everything into glucose is that it is easier. Converting fat into ketones require more work.

The body essentially doesn't want to work any harder than it has to.

I think 50g-100g is a good range of carbs to aim for when your macro focus is on fatloss
Calories In, Calories Out

Decreasing carbohydrate intake helps to some extent.

However, weight loss, no matter what diet you chose, is all about decreasing your caloric intake.

...when it comes to muscle building - you’ll wanna amp up those carbs

Weight gain or weight loss is driven by being in either a calorie surplus or calorie deficit.

One of the ironies is that many individual believe a Ketogenic Diet is a weight loss diet, no matter how many calories you consume, which isn't true

By that same token, many individual believe that you cannot gain weight/increase muscle mass on a Ketogenic Diet, which isn't true.

My Experience

Due to a metabolic condition, I've been on the Ketogenic Diet for over three years.

I have lost weight on the Ketogenic Diet by decreasing my calorie intake. I initially lost 17 lbs.

I have also increased my body weight by consuming a surplus of calories. That required that I dramatically increase my fat intake, moderately increase my protein intake and maintain my carbohydrate intake at 50 gram per day or less.

I ended up gaining back the 17 lbs that I'd lost by simply increasing my calories, primarily with fats. what works for you and whats sustainable for you.

The issues with the Ketogenic Diet are...

1) Lack of Knowledge: The majority of individual lack knowledge on how to implement it. Most input the diet incorrectly. They never achieve ketosis. Thus, they are never on the diet.

2) Too Restrictive: The Ketogenic Diet is very restrictive and hard to maintain/sustain. The harder you make something, the less likely someone is going to adhere to it.

3) Training: Training on the Ketogenic Diet requires a different approach to training. A Ketogenic Training Program that caters to the Phosphagen and Oxidative Energy System is one of the keys for success.

As you said, the best diet is the one you can life with.

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