Anyone know of iron bells with small diameter handles?


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My gf is starting to get into kbs on her off days from crossfit (I know, I know). She is plenty strong enough to swing my 26kg perform better bell but she has a hard time holding onto it. She insists it's the handle diameter and not her grip strength and I believe her.

I was thinking about looking for some competition bells but I'm not sure about the sizing of them. My 26 is nice and small.

Anyone know of hardstyle bells with small diameter handles?

Al Ciampa

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Because of the material used, "I think" that iron bells need relatively thicker handles, or they could break off. So, the handles will get larger as the weight increases. The thinnest iron handles I've seen are the powder coat style. Competition bells have thinner handles in general.

Steve Freides

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Competition bells often have thinner handles - we've got some Ader bells here that have smaller handles than most of the rest we have. A manufacturer should be able to give you a number and then you can compare those numbers.

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