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Kettlebell Anyone tried the 30-10-30 program?


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It's more for hypertrophy than strength, but I am wondering if it will have strength applications due to the tension involved? It's almost like isometrics, which I know Pavel thinks are a worthy modality and unfairly maligned as years have passed.

The idea is that with a given exercise you do an ultra slow negative for 30 seconds, followed immediately by 10 'proper' reps (1 second up, 2 seconds down) then follow that immediately with another 30 seconds super-slow negative (or as long as you can). Tip: 30-10-30 for Big Legs

I have hurt my back again with poor KB form chasing swing reps I had no business chasing so am having a BW phase for the time being and am thiking of running this with press-ups, Hindu squats and an ab move (probably jack-knife pushups).
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