Applying a % template to PTTP?

Discussion in 'Barbell' started by freeflowme, Sep 12, 2019 at 1:24 PM.

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    Hey all,

    After using the Tactical Barbell "Operator" template with the "Grunt" cluster (back squat, bench press, weighted pullups) for a few weeks, I can say that I generally like it and find it effective, however I really miss practicing each movement 5x/wk a la PTTP.

    The issue for me with PTTP has always been overtraining within a short period. I always start cycles at 70% and work up from there, most often in 4:3 fashion. Maybe the reality is that I just can't deadlift 5x/wk, but I think part of the problem is that without really knowing what my 5RM or 1RM is, I cycle into too heavy of a weight and stay there too long (I know PTTP says 8 to, I think, 16 workouts per cycle, but I've never known how exactly that works when you're doing a 4 workout wave - do you wave 2-3x and then restart a bit heavier than the beginning of your overall cycle?)

    So, I started wondering if it would work to apply something like the Operator template's percentages to a 6-week cycle of PTTP. Test 5RM, calculate 1RM and then run: Week 1 - 70% for 5s, Week 2 - 80% for 5s, Week 3 - 90% for 3s, Week 4 - 75% for 5s, Week 5 - 85% for 3s, Week 6 - 95% for 1-2s. Then rest a few days, retest, rest a few days, and start again. I wonder if having a "plug-and-play" structure would make it almost foolproof.

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    I feel a bit silly for having posted this. Just moments later, I stumbled across this: Tsc template, which gives more updated and detailed info for using PTTP.

    I think the reality might be that, although my 5RM was only 300lbs, I may already be at the point that I can't deadlift 5x/wk, even at 2x5 with the second set at 90%. I keep doing variations of the same thing expecting a different result, i.e. the definition of insanity ROFL
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