Are you addicted to sugar?


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If you want sugar, have fruit.
This is good advice. I usually eat a banana or an orange and the sugar craving goes away. I tried using other non-wholesome substitutes like flavored protein bars, and noticed that I would still crave sugar.

Go find a private area and bust out some really intense exercise drills like burpees/jumping jacks or shadow boxing for about 60 seconds. After the drill you will find your cravings and feeling of bingeing will subside.
I also find that just simply walking helps distract the craving just by nature of getting out.

Also, when you combine fasting and intense exercise, you double the impact and in turn the stress.
I find that when I fast, and do more demanding workouts like DFW etc I end up eating way more at the end of the day and defeat the natural caloric restriction fasting imposes. On days I fast, I am usually just doing S&S.

When you're fasting what types of workouts do you do?

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When you're fasting what types of workouts do you do?
Well, I'm a notorious program hopper to start this off. I've done all sorts of things. Generally it's Rite of Passage, convict conditioning stuff or simple and sinister. The toughest thing to do while fasting was Rite of Passage heavy days because they require so much time and effort. The cool thing about exercising while fasting though is that without fuel in the muscles, you find out truly if your strength is all terrain or anti fragile.
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