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Im fitting out my garage. Have loads of bells, a few dumbbells, heavy bag and pull up bar. Wax considering putting in a C2 or an Assault bike?
Any thoughts? Has anyone used an assault bike in conjunction with a SF kettlebell program?


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I prefer the Assault Bike @conor78 . I can do whole body, just lower and just upper. I like to use them for long training sessions up to an hour but am really a big fan of tabatas and 30 second sprints followed by 90 seconds rest. And they are easy to move out of the way since most have a couple wheels on the front for moving them.


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If I were ever to suffer getting some indoor aerobic equipment... I would personally go with the C2.
I think that they are more conducive to LED; but that's just me...

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We have a handful of Rogue Echo Bikes at our facility (similar to the Assault bike) and really like them. In my opinion the complement KB training well and make for a great pair. The Concept 2 rower is also great, so you will likely be happy with either. We chose to go with the Echo bikes as they provide a few more options, such as ability to use legs or arms independently of the other, and the nature of the constant movement of the bike compared to the drive / recover / drive / recover nature of the rower (which is great, that is how KB ballistics are, we just wanted something different than that to help get different stimuli).


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Partner just bought an Airbike for the front room.

Love it as those have said before offers the option of working just legs or just arms if somethings hurt.

Not much between a C2 or airbike in my mind really. Won't go to far wrong with either.

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I like them in this order
  1. Skierg
    • Antagonistic to swing/snatch
    • Equally good for HIRT, HIIT, or LISS
    • Small footprint
    • Low impact
  2. Assault bike
    • Full body
    • good for HIRT, HIIT, or LISS
    • Butt gets tired after sitting
    • Low impact
  3. Rower
    • Good for HIRT or HIIT
    • Butt doesnt care for LISS
    • How much pulling do I need
    • Low impact
  4. Treadmill
    • Good for training running
  5. Elliptical
    • Low impact
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