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Since the summer is almost over, I thought we could share our experiences with getting back after a holiday lay-off. How long was your training break? Did you exercise in any way, or had other activities? How is your form past the break?

Personally I had short 7day break from S&S. After two lighter sessions it’s business as usual. I was not planning to train at all during the break, ended up doing pull ups just for fun while visiting some playgrounds. I had been also walking a lot, with my 3 old son on my shoulders, which obviously had my mid section working a lot.

What are your experiences?

On the side note: I know that the kettlebell is great for traveling with it. But one should take caution to transport it safe. Personally I only drive with it if I have a solid, separate trunk. After all it’s a quite a cannon ball in case of an accident.


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This is my first week back at work after three weeks holiday. I must admit that during holidays I tend to train less than more. Reason being that my wife and I like to sleep long when we can, and in order to get at least some work done during the remainder of the day, I skip training. I usually train 2 to 3 times a week during holidays, up to five outside of holiday.
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