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    So about 6 weeks ago I strained my back on a squat. Last rep of the last set and my hips came up too high.

    Anyway, since then I have had quite a bit if pain. I have been to physio and Chiro and luckily they tell me that there is no serious damage.

    However, I am sure I don' have to tell people here how depressing a life without deadlifting is.

    I have been stretching a lot since the incident. Mainly psoas stretches seem to easy the pain in my back.

    Through this I have got most of my mobility back. Through stretching my spine was cracking and popping quite a bit and when I was lying down I could feel the muscles sort of 'bubbling' as they relax.

    I just have one little bit left. It sits right over my hip sort of where my spine and hip meet and a little to the left.

    A ot of stretches don't seem to hit that point. Is it time for the tennis ball???

    Any advice frim people who have maybe had something similar would be great
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    If there is no serious damage, find a Myopain certified dry needling clinician. You can try some self TrP release, but some TrPs are so deep it is hard to access them with self treatment.

    And, look into the book Back Mechanic.
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    I thought I tweaked my back really bad once. My lower back was painful and sometimes numb and tingling, the kind of stuff you expect with nerve issues. I treated VERY painful glute medius muscles with a lacrosse on the side with the symptoms. Then I worked on the deep spinal muscles just lateral from the spine. After a day of this, the symptoms went away. My best guess is that the nerve actually was being pressed on, and time played a role in reducing inflammation. However, I made zero progress in those feelings until I attacked the trigger point. Perhaps the trigger points kept an uneven tension on my spinal column that led to pressure on the never. I don't know, but it didn't cost me a dime and spared me from some spooky pain and symptoms. No issues since (about 4 weeks now) with deadlifts, swings, backsquats, exercise ball situps all without problems.
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    @FinlayB, have you tried working you prying goblet squat?

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    I have been doing prying fairly regular before every practice.

    After reading your response. I tried goblet squat. Felt good, very mild discomfort in my back but nothing approahing pain.

    So may be working the muscle in the right way.

    Thanks for the tip
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    @FinlayB, the goblet squat is one of my go-to exercises when my lower back bothers me. It has a way of aligning things for me -it feels like it's pulling my spine straight.

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