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3 mile ruck with 15kg pack, 40 minutes. Lovely cold clear day here for this.
TGU 32, 40kg floor press, 32,32,32


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Impromptu climbing session. Went top roping for the first time in 10 years with a couple of mates from Tae Kwon Do. It was brilliant. Very different feeling from bouldering but felt much more sociable. 3 hours of climbing getting to a 6a+ at my first time back at the wall. Felt great. Shoes felt super technical though and wanted to tear my feet apart. Just need to get back into it.

SAS warm up
SLDL 16+24 - 2,3,5,2,3,5
32kg 1 hand swing - 2x10 realised grip was pretty tired from yesterday so switched to overspeed eccentric swings - 8x10
Hollow rock 10:20x6


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TKD, tough session. Great fun.

SAS warm up
1 hand swing
40 -5l5r

40 to half kneeling windmill

4 knots 5/16
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Day 6/1/6 4 knots

Something went really wrong with my hip/back overnight. I think I had sat too much of the day (had a looooooong meeting) and then had bad posture whilst writing. Hip and back were in spasm until I just got up and foam rolled them to oblivion. Woke up the next day feeling fine, but feeling I might need to be more cautious with my swing weight (I got overexcited I think with the 40. It's reasonable to try some TGU stuff at the moment, but I don't own the 32kg for swings yet, time limit is a while away and is not worth testing right now.)

Ruck 5.11 km in 51mins.
Only carried 5kg in my pack today due to last night. Focused on posture. It was super windy this morning so the way out was pretty tough going. Felt epic.

Later: TGU
32,40 to standing then pulled the bell down to the rack - felt that I could have probably managed the full move but probably isn't good enough, 32,32,32
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SAS movement prep
1H snatch 20kg 5L5R X 2
1H swing 32kg 10x10 - happy I backed off. Felt very good today

TGU 32,40 (full),32,32,32

I wonder if other people get heavy getup amnesia? I often forget if I've even done that stand phase, but definitely have. Obviously too mindful on the movement.

4knots day 7
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13/1/17 - Rest

14/1/17 SAS warmup
SLDL 16+24 -2,3,5,2,3
48kg 2hand swing 5x5
40kg 2hand swingg 5x5
Hollow rocks 10:20 - 7 rounds

Note on 4 knots - I think me and the tactical frog don't work well together, will be rethinking the flexibility work. Maybe just back to cossack squats and bent arm bar press.


SAS warmup
1H swings 32,40,32,32,32
40kg felt strong today
32,40,40 to hand, 32,32
I found exactly where my grip should sit with 40kg, suddenly everything tied together and it felt a lot stronger. I press down with the middle of my fingers on the top of the handle (like a climbing grip). I could have done a second full TGU with 40, but decided best to do a partial.
Pull up 5,4,4,3,2
I can hit a good hollow position now whilst hanging from my door pullup bar. It might look a bit exaggerated to stop my feet hitting the floor. My pullups were a lot stronger like this.

It was a very long session today after a very silly day at work (only the NHS would classify a 8am-4pm day as a "half day"....). It was a lovely day of training after a bad day at work.


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TGU 32, 40 half kneeling windmill,40 hand, 40 elbow, 40 floor press. Having alittle fun getting to know the 40 better.

Tae Kwon Do. Lots of sparring.

Ruck woth 10kg 4.6miles. Nice walk. Going to do the same route with 15kg next week.


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Feeling a bit under the weather.
SAS warm up
1H swings 32,40,40,32. Started to lose power output here. I think I've rushed to the 40kg so am going to back off. See more below.
TGU 32,40 - okay so feelin really crappy here so stopped for the day.
No pullups

20/1/17 Still feeling ill.
Day off

So I have a bit of a virus and sleep has been poor this week with my girlfriend starting a new job. That's okay I'm at 3 weeks so will review where I am at the end of this session

S&S warmup
SLDL 16+24 - 2,3,5 - was meant to go much more but still a bit viral, and I have my TKD grading tomorrow so am taking it easy today.
No swings
HLR 2x4

Review of my current program 3 weeks in.
It's good. I am rushing to add the 40kg to as a limited I am going to remove it all together until I have hit the simple time standard for swings. For this reason I am going to wave the load of my 32kg swings as described in this article. This is a self limiting tactic, and will stop me overstretching. I am also chanign my heavier swings to this format.
I am able to hit a good hollow position now so am changing my hollow rocks to hanging leg raises. They didn't feel that hard today, I just wasn't able to do that many reps.
Overall pretty happy even if the last couple of training sessions haven't been the best. That is not the program's fault.

Lee Hunt

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Certified Instructor
Looking forward to seeing your progress with waving the load, did you use this format the last time you worked up to the 40's?


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@Lee Hunt no I didn't. I last worked up to 40kg after s&s had just come out. At that time it was my only training focus so things have certainly changed. It was easier to work up to the 40 doing s&s every day without becoming impatient. That and it was all untrodden territory for me, so I didn't have a level I was aiming to get back to.
Thus far this program has taught me I really enjoy having ever rep written out well in advance, which was nice to learn.


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TKD grading. Got double graded to 6th kup. I have to credit a lot of my work capacity to swings and getups , letting me train longer and focus entirely on technique and not think about fatigue. Feeling proud

S&S warmup.
SLDL 16+24 -2,3,5
32+20 single each side

1H swings 32kg -10x8
HLR 2x3 - felt solid today.


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24/1/17 - TKD. Turned out to be a meditation session - which is exactly what I needed.

25/1/17- Ruck 34.63 miles with 15kg pack. This is my MAF pack weight. Felt really good.
TGU 32,32,40-half kneeling windmill, 32,32

S&S warm up- did my goblet squats with 32kg for a bit of different stimulus. Felt okay. Might drop that in occasionally and maybe slowly increase my squat weight in the warm up.
1 hand swing 32kg -10x10
TGU 32kg 5x1
Pull up 6,5,4,3,2

27/1/17 - Rest. Made some amazing spaghetti for dinner, washed down with some cider.

28/1/7 - S&S warm up - back to 16kg
SLDL 16+24 - 2,3,5,2,3,5,2,3 - NL =25
1 hand swing 32 = 6x10
Hanging leg raise 3x2.


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29/1/17 - TKD, lots of sparring.

S&S warmup
1Hswing 32 10x14
TGU 32,32,40,32,32
Pull up 6,5,4,3,3

31/1/17 Self defence

1/2/17 Hike up Ingleborough with an old friend. 7.5miles 2018ft climbed with a 10kg pack. 3 hours

S&S move prep
32kg 1hand swing - 10x4 - needed to switch to shadow swings here
24kg shadow swings -10x6
TGU with pauses -1 with 24kg
Pull up 6,5,4,4,3

3/2/17 - Did a bit of testing for my A+A protocol next
DLCCJ with 24kg - 3 reps 15seconds with 60seconds of rest
Snatch with 24 or 28kg - 5 reps 15seconds with 45seconds of rest
Heavy swing - weight undecided 40-48kg 1 hand - 5 reps on the minute.


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@Lee Hunt - yep. I decided last year that Ingleborough with a 10kg pack would be a good marker of my conditioning. Probably not the most consistent marker as when I climbed it this time last year the top half was covered in snow. This time it was too foggy to see more than 10m in front of your face. Still a good day.
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