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I thought I recognised the place. I like the idea of rucking, I might have to nab that idea when I'm on holiday in the Lake District in 3 weeks time!
Probably not 7.5miles, and probably not 2018ft climbed. But strong chance of 3hrs getting lost! :p


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@Lee Hunt If you're going to be in the Lakes I'd recommend Blencathra. You start at the White Horse Inn and just head up hill. It's a really nice walk with the option of some scrambling if you want to go up Sharp Edge. You can see almost all of the lakes from the top. Probably worth looking up the Pathfinder guides for some good places in the lakes as well. I lived in the lakes a few years ago and it's really amazing - just a pity about the near constant rain.


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4/2/17 - SAS warm up
1 Hand swings 32 10x6
Pull ups 6,5,4,4,3
HLR 3x3

Really feeling worn out today - just like I have all week. I'm not sure how much the intensity of TSC prep gels with long hikes up hill AND martial arts. These are both important parts of my life though and I think after 6 weeks it's worth a review of my current program and maybe a step back into something slightly less intense in some areas.
Things I will need if I choose to alter the program -
1. Ongoing swings, plus maybe some snatches
2. Pull ups.
3. Simple strength exercises
4. Maybe a shift towards A+A work for the swings and snatches.

I'll consider this all today. I think the SLDLs are a bit much with respect to the hinge pattern - the volume might be too high and I think I should review how to program them.


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5/2/17 - TKD - good session. Feeling my conditioning if falling off, might just be bit ill.

6/2/17 SAS warm up
A+A snatches 24kg 20rounds. Felt very good.


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7/2/17 - TGU 32kg 5x1
TKD - spent about 20minutes sat in sitting stance (horse stance), and my legs wanted to die from all the lactic acid.

SAS warm up
A+A snatches 24kg 30 rounds. Well that's the most snatches I've done in a single session with 24kg and every rep felt good. Really happy with this.
Walk without a pack today - 4.5miles
Strength tomorrow.
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9/2/17 - DFSQ double 32s 10 singles.
pullup 5x3
superset with decline push up 5x3.

Add some weight to pullups next session. Hopefully my gymnastic rings will arrive soon for dips.

S&S warm up
A+A snatches 10 rounds with 24kg
1mile run straight after working at MAF level.
This was a trial of what is to come over the next few weeks, and then I will get into properly prepping for the Fan Dance


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11/2/17 Martial arts presentation at the Royal Armouries. Tai Chi, San Do and some of the Kabudo guys did some kata. I am going to start Kabudo once I get a blue belt in Tae Kwon Do. Very good day.

Tried a bit of Playing around with strength work to add to my A+A sessions. Following advice from a few people on the forum I am going to abandon this idea for now and concentrate on endurance.

My template for the next little bit is going to look like this:

M-A+A DLCC&J (dbl 24s) + Run

T- Tae Kwon Do

W- A+A Snatch (24kg, slowly working up to my new 28kg and then on to 32kg)+ Ruck

T- Tae Kwon Do Practice

F- A+A 1HC&J (28kg, eventually working up to 32kg)+ Run

S- Off

S- Tae Kwon Do

S&S warm up
A+A DLCCJ - 20 rounds of 2 reps, keeping my in the MAF range.
Run 1 mile - starting small, but think I can build up quickly soon. Need new running shoes. Going to go a bit more minimal whilst I'm covering small distances.


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14/2/17 - Tae Kwon Do

15/2/17 - A+A snatches 30 rounds 26 with 24kg, 4 with 28kg.
4.5mile ruck with 10kg in pack. Interesting following A+A work!

16/2/17 Tae Kwon Do practice

17/2/17 A+A
1HC&J practice - 28kg 6 rounds
32kg 10 rounds
1Hsnatch 4 rounds 28kg

Right so all A+A sessions use sets of 70seconds
weights on going-
DLCCJ - 24kg
1HC&J - 32kg
Snatch - 28kg.
1mile run - new shoes need some time to break in. More minimal. This first month's running distance will be quite short letting my feet adapt.

19 weeks until Fandance
7 weeks until TSC


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Well I let that recording slip!

I've been keeping up the A+A work, actually getting more keen towards the snatch workouts, as I feel I not only get a better aerobic session from them, but also recover faster. After a couple of weeks I made the move to purely snatching, doing the NW alongside. I'm going to alternate blocks of OAPU and HSPU as reccomended on The Best Press Exercise. I'm treating this all as learning so the volume is super low on pistols and OAPU and the snatches are the main focus.
I read Run Strong by Andrew Read and have been following his progression for running- starting off with 30min runs with 1 jog 4 mins run and then slowly swapping the work/rest ratio around.
I got a new tattoo yesterday so I'm taking it easy for the next week, mainly doing GTG stuff to avoid damaging it with excessive sweat/friction.
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