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Bodyweight Band Assisted One Arm Pushups

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Can you elaborate on why the incline option feels awkward? Maybe there is a clue in that regarding something you need to address, or the setup could be improved?
Its the 90 degree edge of the bench digging into hands. Problem solved by using the planks of wood either inclined from the floor or along the edge of the bench. This allows flat palms and for me is far easier to do the exercise ........ more like a normal pushup ..... without the hand being hurt by the corner. Will investigate the adjustable ramp idea and the bar in the rings idea mentioned above, but can now get started using the boards to blunt the 90 degree edge.
I have done, and liked them. I hung one end of a chain from a rafter in the basement and connected the band to it with a snap-link. I ran 5,3,2-style PTTP training cycles, starting easy and lowering it a link after each workout in which I made all reps with room to spare. Once you get to where you can't hit 5, back up a few links and start again. Just like PTTP.

After a bit, you don't even touch the band at lock-out, and as you progress you get to where more and more of the range of motion has no contact with the band, thus giving less and less stabilization from the band.
I love the idea of lowering link by link. Great way to measure progress!
I'm wondering how to properly perform OAPU on fist. Does anybody have the same problem as I have?
Pressure on the top two knuckles if you're aiming to toughen your knuckles for punching

For everything else spread the load over all your knuckles
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