Banded Pushups

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anyone with experience with Banded pushups? I feel called to do some endurance pushups and was thinking about using a band to up the resistance level to a 15ish max. also how do set this up? were should the band be on your back?
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The band would be in your armpits. So if someone is looking at you from above, the band is right below your omoplata.

The good thing about the banded push ups is that it puts more focus on the arms / chest / shoulders, but not that much more on the core (at least in my feeling). Then you may not be tempted to arch your lower back, which is a good thing.

However, this is also a drawback, as it does not force you to brace your core more. Plus, resistance is progressive. At the beginning, resistance is less than at the end of the move. So it can be interesting depending on where is your weak point with this move.

You can also do elevated feet push ups. Resistance is not progressive (contrary to resistance band PU).

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I am also a fan of banded push ups.
The band should be at ~the hight of your mid back, about mid to low scapula. That way you can make push ups really hard (I like the 4-6 rep range with a heavy band). Since coming up is usually the most difficult part of the pushups the band will really strengthen that.

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Hey thanks guys! Im doing pushups on my conditioning/Power days, so I'm doing sets of 10, I've got a band that lowers my max to about 17-20reps (instead of bodyweight which is about 35)


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They are great for adding tension to otherwise 'easy' part of a lift. The top third of a pushup is the easiest part of the movement....add a band and unlike other forms of loading the band will just be pulled into more and more tension and makes the top third the hardest third (resistance wise).


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I've successfully used Mark Bell's Reactive slingshot for developing push-up speed during power phases of training.


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The benefit of using bands comes in the unloading position which is at the bottom of the movement. At that place, resistance is at a minimum due to more chains being on the ground, or less stretch through a band.
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