Bands for Power Pushups

Discussion in 'Bodyweight' started by The_Scribe, Aug 31, 2019.

  1. The_Scribe

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    Hi everyone!

    What brand of bands do you all recommend for adding resistance to power pushups as described in Q&D?
  2. Steve W.

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    Most of my bands come from, but I also have a few from FlexBand, which are the original D-i-c-k Hartzell Jump Stretch bands (I have to write Mr. Hartzell's first name that way because the language filter on this site does not like the nickname for Richard).

    However, at this point Jump Stretch style bands are a pretty generic item available from lots of different sources.

    Keep in mind that Q&D does not necessarily recommend added resistance unless you have a double bodyweight bench press or more.
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  3. renegadenate

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    I currently use WODFitters resistance bands. They are almost always on sale for 50% off. So you can get the four-band set (red, black, purple, green) for about $50 either directly through their website or on Amazon (wait for the sale).
  4. renegadenate

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    I've also used these in the past as well as Dave Schmidt's bands.

    And, yes, absolutely this!

    Although I'm using the red resistance band because I'm strong enough (but not double body-weight bench press strong), you don't have to use a band for a long time.

    I had previously used Plan 033D from the All-Terrain Conditioning manual and did the power pushups without a band.

    As I got faster and more explosive, I added the red band and have been using that for the last 6 weeks.
  5. rwrjr

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    I bought this years ago, and to be truthful I haven't used it in a few years: Power Pushup Plus

    When I did use it I thought it did a great job of providing additional resistance with pushups. Back when I bought it, you could also buy additional resistance bands in different strengths. With different strength bands you had two ways to progress. With the same band, if you shorten the back strap then you increase the resistance curve across the entire range. You can lengthen the back strap to provide very minimal resistance at the bottom of the rep and progressively more resistance as you push up. For all I know you can still buy the stronger bands on the Lifeline site, I didn't look around. You really want to position this thing as high up on your back as possible, so the bands are up near your armpits. That picture of the guy in all black has it too far down in my opinion.

    I'm currently doing Jody Beasley's "Explosive Pushups Power Plan". I'm still on Phase 1. Once I finish Phase 2, I may just need to break this bad boy out again and see what it can do for me now.

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