Bar Dips vs. Ring Dips

John Crotty

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Hello Everyone,
I am debating buying rings for my pull-up bar or a dip station. I'd rather get the rings, but I would like to know if there is a major difference between the two modalities for doing dips. Am I splitting hairs?

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John Crotty
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Ring dips are lot harder. You should not attempt them if you don't have a solid tecnique and rep count on bar dips.
With that being said, rind dips are awsome and (assuming you got your tecnique down) more shoulder and elbow friendly.


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You need more stabilisation for ring dips- which means more tension. With the same bodyweight, the ring dips is like the bottom up press and normal dips is like normal press :D That could be a good thing. Plus, it is shoulder and elbow friendly. That could also be a good thing :D

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You will likely find the rings more challenging initially. Once youve sorted out the top position dips will fall into place. You can also use rings for countless other exercises that standard dip bars cant be used for.

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New York Barbells has a nice dip attachment for a power rack - I have it and it's been good, been using it since last Fall.

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