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Anybody have any barbell Recommendations for my home gym? I’m looking at spending no more than £300 max but preferably a bit less. I don’t and won’t be doing any Olympic lifts just the standard squat, bench, deadlift etc. I’m based in the UK so looking for more UK based brands rather than US. Thanks!


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For £300 you have a decent pick of barbells if its a more power bar type one you want in britain.

Three that I would recommend from the UK

primal strength Austin Power bar (the pun in this name still makes me giggle) £250 and from what people say is basically a rogue ohio power bar Primal Strength Austin Texas Olympic Power Bar

ATX Ram bar £270 from gym revolution and is again one people rate it up there with other comp power bars

BLK Box power bar - just purchased myself as Austin bar wasn't in stock. £200

All have decent knurling and good specs but none are available right now
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I was going to say, there are loads I could recommend but nothing's in stock. Take whatever you can find and don't worry too much about spec: As long as it's actually made of steel, any bar should work just fine for basic strength work.

If you're keen on buying British, Bulldog Gear sell UK made barbells for sub £300 with decent looking spec (28.5mm, dual knurl marks, bushing sleeves) that should work fine for a bit of everything, even if you do decide to have a go at some more explosive/dynamic lifts. They're out of stock at the moment, unfortunately, but they'll notify you once they have them available again.


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@LewisSutton if you want an all round bar and are desperate to get your hands on a bar I will be selling my again faster bar once my blk box bar arrives (potentially Wednesday according to FedEx). Its used but has good specs for a Weightlifting bar and will be well under your current budget giving you plenty of spare cash for other things 😂
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