Barefoot shoes


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I tried the Vibram's but my pinky (is it called pinky? the tiniest finger on the feet) doesn't fit in there...the struggle was real everytime I tried to put them on!

Alexander Halford

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There is a sale on Xero shoes site, Z-Trail sandal for 40 usd. It's a sandal praised by many.
So far I own minimalistic winter shoe by Xero, Denver, and very happy about it. Walking or training outside is really pleasant in this one.


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I'm a big fan of my Vibrams. My garage floor here in CO gets mighty chilly...well, pretty much year round, but especially now in the winter! They take just enough of the edge off that my toes aren't turning blue by the end of my session. :)


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I used Chucks and Vans for general wear and training for a long time, but got frustrated by the lack of toe room.
I had the same experience with Vans until I tried a pair of Sk8-Hi MTE. Somehow my toes fit properly in them. Great for winter walks with the dog.


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Xero Shoes are amazing. I bought a pair of Terraflex specifically for hiking in Colorado a couple of years ago. They were so great that after the trip I started wearing them everyday. As a result I also bought a pair of Pacifica and Prio's. This led me to only wearing flat shoes. I picked up a nice pair of Vans and Chucks too but I rarely wear them. The Xero shoes are just so much more natural being wide in the toe box and having an incredibly flexible sole. You can also wear them with or without the inserts depending on how much you want to feel the ground. I've recently been looking at adding my fourth pair.

- DC


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My 0.02
I have the VFF (2nd pair), Merril Vapor glove 2 or 3 and sent back Vick barefoot (I’m a 12.5 but all they had were 13’s or 12.5 wide).
The VFF have a thicker sole than the Merrill’s but being able to spread my toes for swings and TGUs are better.
The Merrill’s are easier to put on and I wear them at the work gym.
I think the VFF is better for KB floor work but harder to put on quickly.
As for walking around, the VFF has a thicker sole than the Merrill’s but still feels better to my feel on long walks than the vapor gloves. The vapor gloves remind me of moccasins when I was a kid.


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I have been using five fingers for years for gym work and kayaking, and now use their V Trails to run.

I train barefoot where possible but using a work gym this is frowned on so five fingers are the way to go!
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