Baseball Players on the forum?


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I'm wondering if there are any baseball players on the forum who can recommend reading material regarding the basics of baseball and how to play the different positions. I'm very interested in body mechanics and strategy.

John sardos

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From an S&C stand point Eric cressey works with a lot of baseball players. Mainly pitchers and talks about the shoulder mechanics of pitching in some of his articles. May be good place to start.


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Good memory @Steve Freides , that's correct. I played a year of university ball, and have a ton of experience coaching high performance high school age ball.

From an S&C standpoint, @John sardos is correct. Baseball S&C owes much to Eric Cressey. Mike Reinold/ Elite Baseball Performance is another good S&C resource. OnBaseU bridges the gap from S&C to performance - it is an offshoot of FMS (similar to TPI and also run by Greg Rose) relating to the connection of the body to the skills needed for hitting and pitching. Driveline is another must follow for the S&C side.

As far as a baseball specific standpoint (which I think you are looking for), I can't honestly say I have many books to reference; most of my knowledge comes from playing at a decent level and notes from personal communication between other players/coaches. I've been lucky being in Canada that the Blue Jays run a nation wide ID camp for players, and a few coaches from each province get to go as well. I've been able to talk shop with many former Jays coaches and players including Robbie Alomar, Lloyd Moseby, Brian Butterfield, etc. I've got pages of notes from these experiences.

If I think of any resources I'll be happy to pass them along.
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