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  1. wespom9

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    Good evening ladies and gents,

    Hoping someone can help me out. I've searched the forum and blog but can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I would love to read some recommended resources regarding:

    A) the difference in how to get the proper grip for a strict MP if the barbell is taken from the rack position vs. after a clean variation, and

    B) if the above grips (if different) would apply to the push press/jerk as well. This is more for curiosity as I don't know a whole heck of a lot about olympic weightlifting.

    The advice Pavel gives here: Build a Barbell Military Press on a Kettlebell Foundation seems to relate to taking out of the rack. However I am unsure on the best/safest way to transition from the clean catch in the rack to the press mechanics. It may be as simple as move your elbows under the bar, but any help is appreciated!
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  2. Kettlebelephant

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    I don't have resources in from of texts, but I can give you the info I got when an Oly coach came to my old crossfit gym to teach us the Oly lifts.
    Use the same grip! After the clean the bar should rest on your shoulder in a way that you should have no problem taking the hands off the bar and regrip it the way you want. Cleaning with a grip that allows you to end up in the perfect grip for the following press would be the best option -> hands just outside the shoulders.
    This is Klokov with a C&P, as you can see there's no need to adjust the grip after the clean...

    Yes it does, altough you see alot professional oly lifter re-adjusting the handposition after the clean to get a better position for the jerk.
    For reference look at Lu Xiaojun...(btw if you're wondering, the chinese are some of the few lifters who use a squat-jerk instead of the widely used split-jerk)

    That feeling when you think you're kind of strong and see someone strict pressing basically your all-time-1RM squat and a 170lbs guy C&J-ing your max. deadlift o_O:eek:
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  3. Antti

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    I don't have much experience with cleaning the barbell, but when I take it on my chest from the rack, it is still possible to do minor hand adjustments easily as the bar rests mostly on the chest instead of the hands.
  4. wespom9

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    From the Klokov video, it looks like he catches the bar with his elbows closer to vertical does the Chinese lifter who seems much closer to horizontal. Its hard to view the wrist position of Klokov, though it looks more extended that what I've read. Very interesting though, thank you for posting those videos @Kettlebelephant
  5. Rif

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    The grip placement for the barbell clean should not be that different for your press, which usually is a pretty narrow grip.
  6. Rif

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  7. wespom9

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    thanks @Rif . As far as wrist extension goes, what would be the ideal degree? closer to neutral or closer to 90?
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  8. Rif

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    I get a "big bite" on the bar, with the bar in the heel of the palm. You really can't get neutral in the barbell press so it's more towards extension . As long as the bar is deep in the palm you should be ok
  9. Rif

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    Please remember than olympic jerks are NOT strict presses! more legs than shoulders there. Still amazing but not a strict press
  10. Kettlebelephant

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    What do you mean?
    Klokov is strict pressing and Xiaojun is jerking. I didn't say anything else.
  11. Geoff Chafe

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    The Clean and Jerk Rack Positions

    The Press Grip will be as close as you can comfortably go, with elbows under hands, and most of the weight in the hands not on the body. Relocate the hands to your desired grip on the Pop. That is why I hate the Thruster. You either Squat with low elbows, and Bar on hands. Or, Press with high elbows, and Bar on fingers. Neither good options.

    The Push Press Grip will be the same or slightly wider, with more weight on the body than the hands.

    The Jerk Grip will be as wide as possible, with the weight on the body, with very little on the hands. The wider the grip the shorter distance to lockout.

    Check this out, for proof of the upperbodys involvement in the Jerk.

    And this because it's awesome.
  12. Rif

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    sorry, read your reply too fast
  13. Kettlebelephant

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    Ok :)
    just wanted to make sure I didn't post something wrong
  14. Rif

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    Nope just saw the C & j video and the comment about the weight used and misread the rest . my bad.
  15. Jared_G_85

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    I've always been a fan of performing a Power Clean before a Strict Overhead Press. I tend to do things a bit different when I'm Power Cleaning to a Strict Press as opposed to a Jerk. With a Press, my grip will be a bit more narrow and also with a thumbless grip. I don't mind catching a Power Clean with a thumbless grip when Pressing because the weights aren't going to be near as heavy as opposed to a Clean & Jerk. Catching a PC in the rack position with a thumbless grip and a minimal knee dip to catch the weight puts me in the perfect groove and position for a big Press. One of the best resources I found for Power Cleaning into a Strict Press is in Power to the People Professional. There's a whole section devoted to Overhead Pressing.
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