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Barbell Be like Steve [Freides]


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Steve, I particularly liked the idea of strength training = learning a musical instrument - when I read that a few minutes ago it hit the target, I started to better understand that I should aim to progress slowly and not be frustrated at how slowly. Well written. I know the idea is all over the forum/articles/programs but I reckon sometimes it takes the right words to get the same idea planted into different peoples heads.


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The slow but steady progress over 50 is particularly impressive. Also, a potential lesson in revisiting the fine points of technique when we stall or slip. Love the little confirmation nod with all the time in the world at lockout. More badass than grunting or shouting!
Good attitude of the attentive spotters. Looking for blackouts or any problems even after the lift completion. Good organization and safety there. Looks like a good environment.
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Steve Freides

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Nice Job @Steve Freides . Do you keep a training log? I’m curious about your training routines that got you to this achievement.
Thank you! I keep a training log at We Ride Chickens

I have used a variety of routines over the years. The most recent one was a traditional American 13-week peaking cycle, with adjustments at the end in order to avoid burnout. It worked well. :)

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