(Beginner) Naked Warrior and Combat Conditioning

Jak Nieuwenhuis

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been doing the PM minimum since tuesday morning.

got an interval timer for less distractions. lets me set a timer for 10.5 minutes and then dings and moves onto the timer for 12.5 minutes and then dings. sweet

threw up this morning (not sure why) and then did some man makers a couple hours later and wanted to throw up again

felt good afterward tho.

i greased some dips and towel pull ups. haven't done dips in probably 6 months, and I was so much better at them from training all this strongfirst stuff. so glad I found pavel. stuart mcrobert had me floundering in weakness.

Jak Nieuwenhuis

Quadruple-Digit Post Count
Did 10 minutes of the ETK PM warm up followed by five minutes of TGU

Then i greased those dips and pull ups again

oh lordy those dips
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