Bench Press and Push Press

Discussion in 'Barbell' started by Abraiz, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. Abraiz

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    Hi all.

    For someone with interest in sports (Muay Thai precisely), which one is to be preferred: Bench press or push press?

    Do we need to prioritise one over the other? Like you should start push pressing after you bench press a certain poundage? Or can we use both lifts concurrently?

    Any and all advice appreciated. Thanks.
  2. godjira1

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    I reckon you could train both, or 1 after the other in a block fashion. I have some former MT champions who train at my gym and they do both.
  3. Noah

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    Abraiz could you give us some more information? what is it you hope to accomplish via these two lifts, or how do you hope they will impact your Muay Thai?

    I would think the push-press has a better carrie over to striking because of the power (leg drive) component, but if you need to put on some mass to absorb impact better the bench press would be my choice between the two.

    as far as training both concurrently it really depends on how you tackle them. what is your total volume of training MT and weights, training age, training load etc. so all things are possible, but "it depends".

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