Benefits of the Bottoms-Up Press??

Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by Opiaswing, Oct 3, 2019.

  1. Opiaswing

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    So i have been reading a bit about shoulder issues and such and the benefits of the BUP and apparently they're great for shoulder girdle stability and overall shoulder health. is this true?

    What are the other benefits of tis movement? I am considering getting a light bell solely for this movement to bridge the gap between pressing the 40
  2. Hasbro

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    I don’t know for a fact but it seems the BUP would use more of the twitch type stability muscles that normally don’t get used as much when you’re muscling up the weight in a conventional manner. The added grip strength involved probably brings other muscles into play too.
  3. Anna C

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    The usual advertised benefits are 1) forces you to find the correct/optimal press groove, and 2) makes you really engage core stabilizing muscles because you have to elimate any extra de-stabilizing movement out of the press to keep the bell balanced.

    Harald has some crazy strong BUP videos on his YouTube channel....
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  4. Colby

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    If you read simple and sinister , there’s a passage that talks about using just the first part of the Turkish get up (the half get up) to rehabilitate bad shoulders.
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  5. Molson

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    Looking at various threads on this forum and overall SF blog knowledge, I’m still surprised that no one had yet designed a C&P program that would use BUP as a base for learning the proper mechanics and progressing it further. For example doing ROP style ladders with light BUPs and testing the strict press once a month with heavy bell.
  6. Molson

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    When I will be done with pure S&S I’m considering reintroducing C&P by practicing separately light BUPs and heavy cleans. Taking a month or so before I start again the standard C&P.

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