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Kettlebell BENT PRESS. HELP! from 48kg to a next size kettlebell

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In 2017 I went from 48kg to 60kg for the bent press. I almost always did it before my other lifting, so it was mostly a warm-up.

I made it very simple. I picked 6 weights: 16, 24, 32, 40, and 48. I assigned each one a number 1-6, with 32 getting two numbers, 3 & 4. Each number corresponds to the numbers on a six-sided die. I would roll the die each day and use the specified bell based on the number I rolled. 1 got 5 reps, 2 got 4 reps, 3 & 4 got 3 reps, 5 got 2 reps, and 6 got one rep. Over time I’d try to increase by one rep whenever I felt comfortable doing so. By October I was able to do 48 x 3 for two sets. Then in November I made 60kg.

I did the exact same protocol for the Turkish get-up and also achieved 60kg, but with a human, not a kettlebell.
Day 3 April I finished (before expected) my Bent-press program with 10 reps (5 per side) in 10 minutes, 1 repetition to the minute on the side with the 44 kg kettlebell.
I think I would have been able to do the bent-press with the 52 kg, I felt really good, but I do not have the 52 kg kettlebell and I can not try if after my program I would have succeeded :(
Your 48 + 4Kg in plates + duct tape ;)
Or stacked bells (48+4, 40+12, etc)

EDIT: If you have 44 you can try to stack 8kg bell on it.

I have 12, 16, 24, 32, 40 and 48kg bells, I plan to work on my single press in some time and to press for example 44 I can use 32+12 quite comfortably. I think that 40+12 will be also quite good. Think about it.

BTW A big respect for your bent pressing, you are really strong
This is a 20 kg with two 2.5 lb. plates attached. Such an arrangement would work fine for the OP. The key is to use plates of a small diameter and duct tape each on individually.

Here is my implementation of 2x2kg plates and duct tape - I used much more tape as you can see, and I put the kettlebell in plastic bag before taping it to the plates (to be able to release it without a problem). I snatched those bells quite vigorously and everything was solid. Those plates, tape and anklets will made your 52kg bell.


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- restart with lighter dumbbell, or
- restart with lighter barbell, or
- buy a heavier bell, or
- switch to another program with different lifts
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