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Discussion in 'Barbell' started by Dasho, Sep 23, 2019.

  1. Dasho

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    I started Q&D snatches several weeks ago, and it feels pretty good, but on my off days I thought I would try to add some bent press work. Barbell bent pressing "feels" more natural to me, but Tuesday/Thursday are really the only days I have easy access to a barbell.

    I own Taming the Bent Press, and the only plan in there that fits with the length of workout I have in mind is "Justa-fied Bent Pressing." Problem is, that plan also assumes 3-4 sessions per week. Should I just do the same plan with only 2 sessions, or try to modify one of the other plans in the book to meet my needs? I'm even open to an entirely different set/rep scheme, but I'm not very creative in these matters.

    P.S. I have the book next to me, so you can refer to plans in the book without actually detailing them, to avoid giving away too much content.
  2. Ian V

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    Take a look at the chapter "The Great Wall" it's right after Justa-fied chapter. This is designed for 2 - 5 sessions per week so may fit your needs.

    Good luck,

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    How's your bent press now? I found I needed form work far more than I needed strength adaptations and just doing 5+5 allowed me to make plenty of progress. I bet most people could get pretty far on bent press doing this two days a week.
  4. Pavel Macek

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    Bent press is very technical lift - not that it is difficult (with right progression, such as the one we teach at SFG Level 2, anybody can learn it), but it is difficult to do it right, with heavier/heavy weight. If you do it right, it is actually quite easy, even with a heavier weight. If you go out of the groove even with a lighter weight, it is quite difficult.

    That is the reason the oldtimers recommended daily practice. From my personal experience I would say 3x/week is absolute minimum to have (at least some) improvement. More info here > Saxon’s Bent Press Tips | SIMPLEXSTRONG
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  5. Dasho

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    Apologies for the delay in responding, but I do appreciate everyone's advice.

    I like the idea of that plan, but the number of sets increases well beyond what I would have time to accomplish during my gym time, unfortunately.

    I may just have to improve my kettlebell bent press, as I can do that at home with a lot more flexibility in regards to session length. The barbell bent press just felt more 'natural' for me, especially when getting my elbow resting on the back hip before beginning the lift. It's hard to describe, but I felt that the line of force from the barbell, directly through my forearm/elbow/hip was a more solid foundation.

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