Bent Pressing w/Hepburn program

Discussion in 'Barbell' started by Jeff Roark, Oct 24, 2019.

  1. Jeff Roark

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    I am using the Hepburn Singles program of starting at 4 singles and working up to 10 total. On a normal 2 hand exercise you add a single rep per workout. With the Bent Press I'll be adding 2.

    I'm learning that this lift requires a load of confidence and I'm just not there yet with my technique. I'm still struggling with the feet positioning and how much to turn the bar. But, I'll figure it out along the way.

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  2. Jeff Roark

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    Here are the two assistance exercises I am using for my Bent Press training. Old time strands and Isometrics. I do two sets of the Back Press and 3 positions on the Isometrics after my Bent Press practice.

  3. Jeff Roark

    Jeff Roark Triple-Digit Post Count

    the pick and setup has to be improved. This won't work for much heavier weights for me.
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  4. william bad butt

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    Yes, I was right. You are a BEAST!
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  5. Maine-ah KB

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    Well done!!!
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  6. Jeff Roark

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    thanks guys. It was a grinder for sure. Nothing easy about it. It boggles my mind how strong some of these old time strongmen actually were. I can't imagine holding 300lbs, heck, I'm having a hard time comprehending 200lbs to be honest.
  7. Jeff Roark

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    I should also make a note about and adjustment I have decided to make. I'm going to limit my number of lifts to 6 total. The time under tension on this lift is quite high and I had a pretty tough time recovering from one of my sessions the other day. Got a tad bit overzealous and it dropped the hammer on me. So, I'll be working from from 2 to 6 singles vs. 4 to 10.
  8. Pavel Macek

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    I have used parts of another Hepburn program in my upcoming project about Advanced Program Minimum (snatch and bent press). Works!
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  9. Jeff Roark

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    Sounds outstanding! Hope you have mucho luck with your project.

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