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Best diet coupled with Kettlebells?


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The best diet to couple with Kettlebells emphasizes fat loss through calorie restriction or intermittent fasting (both of which are usually coupled with weight lifting in order to increase muscle mass).

I usually do the opposite, a modest surplus, when I do my heaviest KB training, using them during my winter hypertrophy meso cycles.

As for increasing muscle mass during caloric restriction:

It's tough to gain muscle in a deficit, unless you're de-trained or new to lifting, combined sufficient body fat stores.
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I’m close to 2 months into kettlebells, just doing S&S. I’m down 5kg (102-97 ) just by sticking to a set amount of calories, no crazy restrictions just a slight defecit. Eating protein fat and carbs. Mostly lots of unprocessed foods but I don’t say no dessert or pasta on the weekend. It’s great, no stressing.


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Diabetic here, IF + Low Carb, High Fat / High Protein diet..I tend to be on a calory surplus as I always loose weight, the Intermitteng fasting option just eases my diabetic life as my blood sugar has no drops or highs during the fasting window so it stays still more time during the day.


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I spent the last year hitting BJJ training hard while on a large deficit (1400 or so a day) and was plagued by lots of minor injuries.

Over the current lockdown, I’ve had time to myself without BJJ and as I relaxed my diet a bit (2000-2500/day) the pounds came back on fast.

After about a month, I started hitting kettlebells pretty hard and had the idea to gradually increase my calories, several size jumps in bells later, currently double 28s, and 3000 calories a day and lean mass is steadily increasing and body fat is steadily dropping. Made a point to get 150-200g of protein a day and trying to eat whole food as much as possible (90% of my diet).

Best part is instead of being skinny fat at 170lbs, my chest, back and arms are growing while my waist is the same size it was when I was 20 pounds lighter.

Daniel Vintila

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IMO the best diet is the one that you can keep for the rest of your life.
If you must be on a special diet due to some medical conditions for a while its one thing but if not just find something which you can maintain long term and enjoy your food.
I personally never tried any of the fancy diets, or intermittent fasting or anything like that. I enjoy cooking and eating my food and I always try to have nice and tasty meals which also help me with my training goals.
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I tried a few different diets. Great short term but not sustainable for me. Now I just go by calories. I definitely make sure I eat enough protein but other than that just fill in the rest with ( usually) as least processed as I can. Relax a bit on weekends. It’s slower progress but so much easier for me to maintain. If I decide to have a biscuit with my tea, I have one haha. I’m sure swings and getups 4-5 days a week builds a little muscle, but I’m averaging .5kg a week without stressing about food at all.

After I rehab’d my knee, my leg was a stick. So one year I decided to eat and lift a lot. I put on 10kg in about 11 months. I got a little chubby but man, the lifts went up easier than they ever had. That was a fun year 🤣


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Absolutely nothing wrong with that. Fasting has become some kind of fad to the point that some people think there will happen something magical during the times when they don't eat.
Look up autophagy. It isn’t magic but still pretty amazing.


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3 square meals of GOOD food a day+ at least one tbsp of Metameucil. No snacking, drink a ton of water, avoid all junk food and alcohol. Add a 30-45 minute walk in. I used to be an IF guy. No more. If you cut out alcohol or limit it to 2 drinks 2x a week, it's sustainable.


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IF 16/8, and Paleo.

I know Paleo gets a bad rap but I eat the foods that like me. Grains and Dairy upset my stomach. I prioritize protein and eat fruit and veg to stay full.

Coffee in the morning, Water and Tea throughout the day.


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It isn't specific to fasting though. you can just workout or have a caloric deficit. You don't even see fasting really impact it until 48-72 hours and even then it is pretty minimal enough that it is difficult to measure reliably.

Fasting is good for you. No doubt about it. I've done up to 43 hours and done 40 more times than I can count. However, there is a lot of bro-science going on when discussing it. When I do it, it's because my eating has gotten out of hand and I need to buckle down. It's such a mental game. It's also a muscle, if you don't do it regularly, it's makes it significantly harder.

Meh, I'm done with it for now. 24 hours is hard enough with the 3 PM munchies.


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@Steve Freides
I also like to drink a cup of coffee with Cinnamon only, especially early in the morning when I'm still in the fasting state.
But, there is no better coffee than with cream, MCT oil, and butter.

Stay Strong. Stay Hard. Get After It.
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