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I will be posting some of my favorite entries from our StrongFirst Blog. All of these articles are gems, but we tend to forget about them, as fascinated with new things as most of us are. I will therefore help remind us all of the treasure chest we have created here.

Today's featured blog is a one-exercise, 10-minute, 3-times-a-week workout for Martial Artists. You want minimalist? Here we give you minimalist at 30 total minutes per week.

What will a martial artist - or anyone else - get for their 30 minutes a week? Author Jon Engum, Master SFG and Tae Kwon Do Grand Master, says, "Give me ten minutes and one kettlebell, and I will give you power, stamina, resilience, and mental toughness all in one tidy package."

Enjoy, and please leave your comments on the blog itself or start a new thread in an appropriate section of our forum

Click here to read "The Ultimate Kettlebell Exercise for Martial Conditioning"

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