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During doing biceps curls my biceps is exhausted and I cant do another repetition after 13 reps. But if I lay down the Barbel for 10 seconds, I can do 12/13 reps again. And that for like 4 to 5 sets. The next day and after the workout I don't feel my biceps at all. So what can I do to stop that from happening? Thank you for your help!


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Soreness is not a measure of exercise effectiveness, just for starters. I will offer this advice though, if you have some strange need to persist in doing barbell curls, put some weight on the bar. 13 reps is cardio, not lifting.
Thanks a lot I'll try more weight and less reps.


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+1. Even after heavy 5×5 sets of strict curls, I'm rarely even slightly sore the day after. Just be careful with your biceps tendon; take some time off if you feel it 'tugging' too much.
If you want to feel sore in your biceps then try VERY heavy keg and sandbag carries for long distances.

Even your tendons will feel that. Your core too.
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